Calvin is a notorious pirate who has earned a reputation for robbing wealthy merchants along the commercial trade routes the past few decades. Over the years he has amassed quite the store of treasure. In addition, it seems his ambitions are expanding, as he has been implicated in a more than a few recent battles with government troops. These attacks must stop. Whoever manages to kill Calvin will be richly rewarded.

Instance Map

Instance InformationEdit

Quest: Destroy all enemy warships in this round.

  • Max Players: 1
  • Max Fleets: 10
  • Checkpoints: 1
  • Exp: 10 000

Enemy FleetsEdit

Checkpoint 1Edit


Total Fleets: 17 Fleets Ranging From 700-900 Each.
Ships: Challange 1-B
Armaments: blaze auto cannon 3
Defenses: EOS Phase Shield Shift III & Power Pulse Cannon III
Commander: BruceB


Badge x10

Constellation Pass

New Year's Chest:

  • Metal pack
  • HE pack
  • Gold pack
  • Extra tax (adv)
  • Mining Boost
  • Revival Card
  • Healing Card

Random extra drop:

Challenging Chest lvl 1 x 1 (Random)