Tension over the past few months between 2 of the top Corps on S30 boiled over into open warfare at approx 0300 server time on Saturday 13th of July, 2013.

Recent heated discussion between the Colonel of Storm Troopers and Devilz Dope corps regarding persistant attempts at poaching Storm Troopers members via PM, mud slinging in world chat directed at Storm Troopers members and attempts at goading Storm Troopers allies, The Nexus, into war he previous day by DevilzDope spilled into open war.

A probing attack on a member of Devilz Dope by a small party of Storm Troopers players, launched from Storm Troopers planets strategically moved into Devilz Dope territory, including the storm troopers Colonel home planet.

Devilz Dope retaliation was swift by sending multiple fleets of attackers towards the home planet of Storm Troopeers Colonel, Gooseman. The move was planned for by Gooseman. with the planet was initially lightly defended. DD seemed to gain the upper hand until the arrival of the bulk of Storm Troopers players at the beginning of round 2, including Goosemans fleets which had been sent of planet for the short term.

The devil fell into the trap

Strategic alliances with The Nexus and Rememberance corps also led to mutual assistance being  given and it was clear by Round 5 The Devilz Dope was in danger of being outgunned, though more Devils Dope fleets are in transition.

An attack was also launched by Storm Troopers on the home planet of the Devilz Dope Colonel with success.

Most fleets are clustered around he southern entry point and fleet numbers are difficult to establish. Ballistic Exodus 3, Erotes 3, Ballistic and Directional Dullahans and ballistic Liberty Wings with either Dread X or Conq X appear to make the bulk of fleets.

At the time of writing the battle had reached round 5 with Storm Troopers and allies Rememberence and The Nexus appeared to be inflicting substantial losses on DevilzDope fleets, though more DevilzDope fleets have been detected in transmission.

More to come.......

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