Space Hunter-III icon   A-Homura (Akemi Homura)
Hull: Space Hunter-III
Type: Frigate
Hull Type: N/A
Shields: 1121
Structure: 2060
Defense: N/A
Attack: 340-415
Range: 1-2
Storage: 11
Movement: 6
Agility: 8.0
Transmission: 00:00:41
Ships: 1100
Gatling Cannon icon Gatling Cannon-III x 5
Particle Stun Shield icon Particle Stun Shield-III x 1
Heat Diffusion Shield icon Heat Diffusion Shield-III x 1
Space-Time Magnetic Shield icon Space-Time Magnetic Shield-III x 2
Powered Pulse Cannon icon Powered Pulse Cannon-III x 2
Super Transmission Engine icon Super Transmission Engine x 5

General InfoEdit

  • A custom ballistic frigate design
  • Named after Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Balanced in both attack and defense

Designer's NotesEdit

This is a custom design for a Ballistic Space Hunter. Well, in this case I fought so many times in the League that I got enough points to buy the PPC early. But then I didn't want to modify the pre-existing designs so I waited until I got the next BP.

Since I couldn't think off a better name, and that she uses plenty of guns, that name would have been fitting. But then, the girls' names are fairly double-jointed, so I'm getting a bit confused.

-HyBovis of S01_PH and S02_DE

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