Accuracy Ruby-I Blowout Sale
Special Event from 2011/08/22 00:00 to 2011/08/23 23:59

Commanders usually play a crucial part in battles. With a stronger commander, the fleet will be stronger as well. Wanna make your commanders stronger? Come get some FREE Accuracy Ruby-I ! This offer won’t last long, so act fast!

Event DurationEdit

1:00am August 22nd - 11:59pm August 23rd

Event ContentEdit

For a limited time only, players that purchase every 5 Accuracy Ruby-I will receive 1 additional Accuracy Ruby-I . For instance, if you purchased 5 Accuracy Ruby-I in total, you will gain 1 additional Accuracy Ruby-I . If you purchased 10, you will gain 2 additional. If you purchased 15, you will gain 3 additional, and so on.

Note: All the Accuracy Ruby-I will bind when acquired. Rewards will be delivered within 3 working days from the end of the event.

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