Agility is a defensive attribute governing a ship's evasion to incoming weapons fire.  It works against the attacking ship's Steering attribute.

What is Agility?Edit

Like how Dodge is a Commander Attribute that works against the Enemy Commander’s Accuracy to determine the hit rate of an attack, Agility is a ship attribute that works against another ship attribute called Steering Power. Agility reduces the chance of getting hit by each loaded weapon from each effective ship in an attack.
The most popular Ship Hulls used in the design of “tank” ships currently happen to be models that possess a high Agility rating, such as Liberty Wings, Nihelbet, etc.

How much Agility should you have?Edit

  Well the answer to that question is, over 10 agility. If you attempt to increase your agility to the max value the ship will allow, and that value is under 10 points of agility, that is a mathematical waste of space. 1 entire point of agility while under 10 points, may or may not decrease the the hit chance of most weapons by 1-2%. That means, you just spent 38-76 modules to get an extra 5-10% off someones hit chance, when you could have spent those modules on 2-4 EOS and absorbed 3-6 times the damage you negate with agility. If the accuracy on their commander is fairly high, its a 100% complete waste to use Agility Booster, and a partial waste to use ECM (for its agility boost), if the agility will be under 10.

  When you hit 10, the mathematical formula IGG uses begins to actually work.

  At 10 Agility and higher, every point starts to give you double or even triple the value of what it did while under 10. Coupled with a high dodge commander, you can lower the hit rate against you to the point, that certain weapons won't be able to hit you.

What all is agility useful for?Edit

  It's a defense mechanism to lower the hit rate of all those that attack you. Its opposing statistic is steering, which increases the base hit rate of weapons. Agility is extremely useful as a defense versus Missiles and Ship Based weaponry, because of their low steering values.

Agility increasing ModulesEdit

Module Name Max Agility

Max Volume

Max # of


Location Cost Prerequsites
Agility Booster Agility Booster icon +2 20 1 Instance 8 N/A None
ECM Booster ECM Booster icon +1.5 20 1 Instance 20,
Web Mall
 2,400HP Agility Booster-I & Infrared Scanner-I
Time Dilation Module Image135 +1 20 1 Leo Constellation N/A None
Armstrong Core Armstrong Core +2 20 1 Champion's Mall  7,198Champion Point Icon TDM-III
Infrared Seeker Infrared Seeker +2 20 1 Aries Constellation N/A Auto Target System
Anti-Matter Booster Anti-Matter Booster +2 24 1 - N/A Infrared Seeker
Team Combat Engine Team Combat Engine icon +.5 18 1 Instance 29,Web Mall  6,534HP Super Trans. Engine
Anti-Matter Engine Anti-matter Engine icon +1 20 1 Instance 30,Web Mall  6,534HP Team Combat Engine
Wheeler Engine Wheeler Engine +1 20 1 Champion's Mall  14,298Champion Point Icon Eos Phase Shift Engine
Vapor Engine Vapor Engine +1.5 22 1 Special Events N/A Wheeler Engine

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