An energy core designed using warp drive technology. When upgraded to the third tier, it increases Agility by 2. Damage Negation on all other shield modules installed is increased by 13. (Only 1 piece of equipment of this type may be equipped at a time)

Armstrong Core AttributesEdit

The following table is a list of all Armstrong Cores, their base attributes and the base cost per module installed on ships.

Module Name Max # of Modules Installation Slots iconVolume He3ResourceIcon He3 Use MetalResourceIcon Metal Cost He3ResourceIcon He3 Cost GoldResourceIcon Gold Cost
Armstrong Core-I Armstrong Core 1 18 0 75 45 49
Armstrong Core-II Armstrong Core 1 19 0 81 49 53
Armstrong Core-III Armstrong Core 1 20 0 89 55 59

Armstrong Core BenefitsEdit

The following table is a list of all Armstrong Cores and their benefits:

  • Agility - Ship Agility lessens damage received.
  • Shield Module Bonus Negation applies to all shield modules that negates damage done.
Module Name Agility Shield Module Bonus Negation
Armstrong Core-I Armstrong Core +1 +5
Armstrong Core-II Armstrong Core +1.5 +9
Armstrong Core-III Armstrong Core +2 +13

Blueprint Upgrade InformationEdit

The following table is a list of the Armstrong Core Blueprint and its upgrade cost and time to upgrade. The Upgrade Time can be improved by improving the Weapon Research Center.

Module Name Cost II Cost III Upgrade Time II Upgrade Time III
Armstrong Core Armstrong Core GoldResourceIcon 40,000,000 GoldResourceIcon 80,000,000 103:43:18 161:49:42

Blueprint InformationEdit

The following table is a list of the Armstrong Core their blueprint its location, and their requirements for initial use.

Module Blueprint Name Source Champion Points Prerequisites to use
Armstrong Core Armstrong Core Champion's Mall  7,198Champion Point Icon Time Dilation Module-III

Auxiliary Module
Electronic Modules

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Storage Modules

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