A breakthrough in the field of weapon-guidance systems, the Artemis is not only capable of achieving a lock-on in the harshest environments known to space combat but it also increases lethality of the payload as well. When equipped, the Artemis increases your fleet's Critical Strike Rate by 15%, Steering by 1.5, Stability by 120%. (As Steering can increase the damage of weapons, each ship is limited to only 1 Artemis module).

Module IntroductionEdit

The Artemis weapons guidance system acts as a boosting agent for attack ships designed to take down the hardiest bunker-style ships. By increasing Critical Strike rate, Steering and Stability, the Artemis improves both the ship's attack capabilities as well as its survivability. Has great utility for both PvE and PvP combat and requires the user to have completed the research for the Time Dilation Module.

Artemis BenefitsEdit

The following table is a list of all Artemis modules and their benefits:

Module Name Critical Strike Rate Steering Stability
Artemis-I Artemis 5% 0.5 60%
Artemis-II Artemis 10% 1 80%
Artemis-III Artemis 15% 1.5 120%

Blueprint Upgrade InformationEdit

The following table is a list of the Artemis Blueprint and its upgrade cost and time to upgrade. The upgrade time can be improved by improving the Weapon Research Center.

Module Name Cost Upgrade Time
Artemis-I Artemis GoldResourceIcon 0 00:00:00
Artemis-II Artemis GoldResourceIcon 49,000,000 110:00:09
Artemis-III Artemis GoldResourceIcon 89,000,000 158:42:18

Blueprint InformationEdit

The following table is a list of the Artemis blueprint location, and it's requirements for initial use.

Module Blueprint Name Source Prerequisites to use
Artemis Artemis Scorpio.S04 Time Dilation Module-III

Auxiliary Module
Electronic Modules

Agility Booster  · Infrared Scanner  · ECM Booster  · Auto Target System  · Time Dilation Module  · Armstrong Core  · Artemis  · Infrared Seeker  · Anti-Matter Booster  · Lockdown

Storage Modules

Station Warehouse  · Nano Station Warehouse  · Drexler Nano Cells

Transmission Modules

Super Transmission Engine  · Team Combat Engine  · Anti-matter Engine  · Eos Phase Shift Engine  · Wheeler Engine  · Vapor Engine

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