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The Auxiliary Modules is displayed when the Ships Design icon is selected on the lower toolbar.
Auxiliary Module
Each ship can be equipped with an Attack Module , Defense Modules, and Auxiliary Modules . Since each hull design has a specific storage volume for these modules, you must choose your modules wisely when equipping a ship.

The Auxiliary Modules consist of three different defense modules:

Electronic ModulesEdit

  • Electronic Modules - These modules provide various improvements to Agility, Steering Power and Critical Hit change bonuses. Only one of each of these
    Infrared Scanner icon
    special modules may be equipped on a ship at a given time. These modules will lessen damage received and increase attack damage.

Storage ModulesEdit

  • Storage Modules - These modules provide extra storage for He3 and for additional storage for other modules.
    Station Warehouse icon

Transmission ModulesEdit

Ship Design

Frigates  · Cruisers  · Battleships  · Special Hull  · Flagships  · Humaroid-Flagships  · ALL


Ballistic Weapons  · Directional Weapons  · Missile Weapons  · Ship-Based Weapons  · Planetary Weapons  · ALL


Structure Modules  · Shield Modules  · Air Defense Modules


Electronic Modules  · Storage Modules  · Transmission Modules

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