bLackRagE corps was originally owned by web2sign and passed to his new account which he named the same with its corps, bLackRagE.

Original Members

  1. bLackRagE
  2. PortmanHunter
  3. TaoBaKoInay
  4. JoninE
  5. alo_123456789123
  6. redfox29
  7. Kubotech
  8. marlou
  9. galaxial_pirate
  10. genesis230
  12. Tekenlord
  13. Butchy
  14. kayerald01
  15. kamisote
  16. GalacticA
  17. Tatah
  18. precious_belle
  19. Awtss
  20. third
  21. ikatursi
  22. JadeSchool
  23. art0ne
  24. rose_atalie
  25. Lordfrozen
  26. HazelNut
  27. GoliathMoya
  28. papa.Spy
  29. bendaime
  30. missNammy
  31. sgt.kLein
  32. DeathPsyche
  33. MuseJanet
  34. onrej
  35. ChezterIvhan
  36. air747
  37. kapoynamo
  38. zeReaper13
  39. EhxDesu
  40. Pact

On the month of March, bLackRagE corps starts its journey. During the Reign of Harabas corps, a lot of wars happened, alliance have been made and yet, bLackRagE corps remains quiet, neutral and peace, until the day that FinalPhoenix and its allies attacked them for the reason that bLackRagE corps denied their alliance request.

bLackRagE corps members are unprepared for that attacks, they've beed attacked one by one while offline by different corps(FinalPhoenix/Galatic_Group/Nightmare/Genesis). Its bLackRagE's doomsday and made a lot of its members quit.

bLackRagE corps received a merge request from its ally, Coulrophobia.

Now the bLackRagE members continued their journey with its new home Coulrophobia.


  • bLackRagE vs moshnster(BLITZKRIEG) at zone 27 - defended his corpsmate
  • Kubotech vs Jozel(STARWARZ) at zone 34(Butchy's Planet) - defended his former corpsmate, Kubotech was 2 days old Harabas member during that time.
  • XCONN4EVER vs FinalPhoenix/STARWARZ - attacked a FinalPhoenix member but ganked
  • bLackRagE vs StarFleet at rose_atalie's planet
  • Tatah vs Bientastic(Harabas) - at third's planet, defended her corpsmate
  • bLackRagE,TaoBaKoInay,alo_123456789123 and redfox29 vs STARWARZ at zone 27 - attacked a STARWARZ member to retaliate but ganked.
  • bLackRagE corps vs FP Alliance at Butchy's planet
  • bLackRagE vs Ryan21(Genesis) at DeathPsyche's planet


  • Coulrophobia
  • Grudge

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