Battle took place from July 28, 2013 to August 3, 2013...

It is the biggest battle in the history of Server 25…Involving every player and every Corps in Server 25…  Involving approximately 65 million ships-32.5 million ships from VENOM and 32.5 million ships from Shield/Force.  The battle was so big that players could not watch it because their browsers overloaded and froze/crashed.

Scenario/Battle NarrativeEdit

The entire Server is split into two warring alliances… One alliance is the alliance of Shield corps and Force corps.  The other alliance is called VENOM and is comprised of Evil Empire, Allegiance, Devil, Jedi2, and various other small corps.

Prior to the Battle at Sliders, VENOM had fought many hundreds of battles against Shield/Force…  VENOM had never scored more then a few complete victory against Shield/Force in- that is it had lost most of the MAJOR battles,however they won most of the small skirmishes with very good ratios nomrally of 1-2,

Battle begins when members of VENOM attack Force at the planet belonging to Force player, Slider…  Shortly after the attack, the battle gradually escalates as other Shield/Force players and players from VENOM get involved…  Both sides continuously add fleets until the end of the battle...

At the peak of the battle, most players on both sides had committed all their commanders to the battle…  a total of approximately 65 million ships- 32.5 million from VENOM and 32.5 million from Shield/Force were fighting…  The western side of the map was dominated by Shield/Force while VENOM dominated the east side of the map.

The battle was so big- that players could not watch it because their computers froze and crashed while uploading the battle...


Gradually, the VENOM forces began to take over the battlefield…  By August 1, 2013, VENOM controlled the east side and the middle of the battlefield.  Force countered this encroachment and sent more than 1 million ships from its RBPs into the battle.  Force regained control of pockets in the middle of the battlefield…  To counter this, VENOM sent in waves of decoys followed by waves of mini fleet killers…  Gradually, VENOM took control of the northwest and southwest of the battlefield…  On August 3, 2013, VENOM destroyed the last of the Shield/Force fleets.

This battle was both the largest in the history of Server 25 and it was VENOM's first ever complete victory over Shield/Force.  In the end, VENOM killed approximately 32.5 million Shield/Force ships and Shield/Force killed approximately 14.5 million VENOM ships.  Thus, VENOM won the body count killing more than double the ships that Shield/Force killed.  VENOM also took complete control of the battlefield in the end.

This battle may prove to be the turning point in the several-month-old Server 25 galaxy-wide war….

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