These items include cards that allow you to revive, heal and otherwise affect your commander. It also includes items to move your planet, speak in global chat and protect your planet from attack.

Misc Battle ItemsEdit

Icon Item Name Cost Corsairs' Gold Description
Corps Certificate Corps Certificate MallPointsResourceIcon 120 Required for Corps creation.
Galaxy Transfer Galaxy Transfer VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 8 Corsairs gold 5 Moves your planet to a random location.
Adv Galaxy Transfer Adv Galaxy Transfer MallPointsResourceIcon 120 Moves your planet to a specified destination. (Click the Check Available Destinations button in the Universe pane to find available destinations)
Loudspeaker Loudspeaker VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 1 Used to speak in the world channel. One message is one Loudspeaker. You get 10 at a time from the Web Mall.
SP Card SP Card VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 5 Recovers 10 SP. SP cards are used for transporting to other planets, some instances, and RBPs, there's also a special 100 SP card only obtainable from the Lucky Wheel
Truce Card Truce Card VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 8 Corsairs gold 5

Your planet can not be attacked for 12 hours. This item cannot be stacked to extend the protection period. However, the protective effect will fade when a fleet is dispatched from the planet (Breaking the Truce). Notes:

  1. This item can not be used if you have any fleets out in the Universe, However, you can use this card and then move your fleets to your RBP to protect it.
  2. This card comes with a 1 hour mandatory Cool Down during which you are vulnerable to attack.
  3. If you break this Truce early then the mandatory Cool Down goes into effect immediately and for the remaining time of the original Truce. ie. 2 hrs into a Truce you break the Truce to attack an RBP. Regardless of outcome, you will not be allowed to engage another truce for the next 11 hrs.
Adv Truce Card Advanced Truce Card VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 80 Prevents all incoming attacks, as well as forbidding all attacks on others while in use. Lasts 72 Hours. The duration cannot be stacked or extended. Only after the duration has expired can another item of the same kind be used. If a fleet is dispatched for any reason, the truce will immediately end. (Truce cannot be used when other fleets are present in the Space Base, your own fleets are exempt.)
Passport icon Passport VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 30 Enables you to do an extra Restricted Intance per day.
Constellation Pass Constellation Pass N/A Enables you to do a Constellation Instance. These are obtained by completing a Restricted Instance.

Commander ItemsEdit

Icon Item Name Cost Description
Healing Card Healing Card VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 4 Heals a wounded commander.
Memory Chip Memory Chip MallPointsResourceIcon 35 Increases the success rate of merging Commander Cards. Increases 30% Merging Rate.
Merge Chip Merge Chip VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 30 Increases the success rate of Commander Card merge. Increases Merging rate by 20%
Resetting Card Resetting Card MallPointsResourceIcon 15 Resets a commander's attributes (Level, Accuracy, Dodge, Speed and Electron only). It will also reset the Growth Rate of each of the four attributes. It will not reset the Commander's Star Rank.
Revival Card Revival Card VoucherResourceIconMallPointsResourceIcon 8 Revives a dead commander.
Sealing Card Sealing Card MallPointsResourceIcon 120 Seals a Commander into Card form.

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