S01. Battle at Buffalo's




22 April 2012 - 26 April 2012

Started on April 22, 2012.

Elementists broke off their NAP with Sleeping Forest and with support from Darkness, Alpha Quadrant, XFire, VvV, Oberon Titan, Empire1, Tra1 & Legion conspired to 'take down' the Forest.

The fighting began at buffalo's with only Elementists involved vs Sleeping Forest scouts. By round 3 There was over 10 million ships involved, Elementists had almost been wiped out but backup had arrived from the aforementioned corps and others besides.

Round 4 lasted over 24 hours. By round 5 Sleeping Forest, Aussie, CTA, CTA-A, Andromeda Core, Orion Masters, Destroyers & SpaceBalls were still blocked in, but something unexpected began to occur for the defenders.

Sleeping Forest & Co. had deployed a tactic of sending in hundreds of leos, Leech Lurkers & Light and Darkness commanders which eventually reduced all defending fleets to 1 structure. 3000 stacks of ships dead from 1 damage. This continued with millions of ships over the course of another day.

By round 6 the defenders only had scraps left, and shortly afterwards the battle was lost. Sleeping Forest & Co. had won.


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