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Battle of GOLDEN WAFFLES at s15

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Battle of GoldenWaffles1
Day 2 / Round 16
Battle of GOLDEN WAFFLES at s15

This started out as a minor battle with Nova attacking Sidhe due to them having the ideal attack point on their best RBP (which they then stole later)


Started on Tues Aug. 7, 2012

approximately 5pm

at kingbowser of sidhe (635, 216)

Day 3 / Round 18

Battle of GoldenWaffles Full3
Day 3 - Shows no sign of letting up!!!

Day 1

Battle of GoldenWaffles3
Day 1

Day 2

Battle of GoldenWaffles4
Day 2

Day 2

Battle of GoldenWaffles5
Day 2

Videos of Battle - soon to be posted!

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