Battle of Vallesern

Day 2 (July 27 2012)



192,297 (corps: FairyTail)


25 July-13 August 2012 (19 days)


Strategic offensive victory

  • Heavy fighting along the East portal July 29 2012
  • August 3 West
  • Battle result

The Battle of Vallesern is the 27th major documented battle on S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server). It began on 25 July 2012, and according to CuteMARK, the first attacker is probably Gen. Maximus. As of the 27 July 2012, there are many attacking fleets with Conquistador-X ships on the middle, along with some defending fleets below.

As of 10 PM July 28, GALAXIAN just said that Harabas recently went all-in.

The effects of the all-in were felt by the next day. More defending ships were deployed, and in retaliation, more attacking ships were deployed, resulting in heavy fighting near the East portal.

On August 1, the defense had an edge. However, by the next day, it declined to a tie between the offense and the defense. By 3 August, the attacking side gained the edge. As of August 7 (Day 13), the attackers still maintain the lead. The ship count has reset after a major maintenance that released the Arena, becoming part of the usual "tradition" where the longest known battles in S01 PH have been marred by maintenance events.

The lead continued until the offense won on 19 August 2012, but the ship count was reset by a maintenance, actually reducing the ship count to just over 30 million. It is the third longest documented war on the server, behind Juju and Marycar.

spassky Ambush IncidentEdit

spassky Ambush Incident

8:12 PM



193,295 (corps: Starseekers)


29 July 2012-30 July 2012


Tactical defensive victory

4 days after the war at Vallesern began, an alleged spy from Starseekers informed bobkat1 that the planet of spassky is a major docking point of the corps in order for them to deploy to Vallesern. bobkat1 ambushed the planet by around 7:15 PM PHT, (UTC+8) taking many players by surprise. The main belligerents are Starseekers (def) and FairyTail (att)

The alleged spy made rounds in WC and was even jokingly proposed for a spy trade. It took 3 rounds to shoot down the first fleet of bobkat1 and mostly lasers and ship-based weapons damaged it. A player named EMO1 claims having shot down his fleet commanded by 7* Rays of Destiny Divine commander.

A record number of players visited the planet non-stop, and has been ongoing for the last 2 hours (as of 10:26 PM).

Starseekers won the battle and spassky truced.

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