Duke2 hull   Battleship-A
Hull: Duke-II
Type: Cruiser
Hull Type: N/A
Shields: 626
Structure: 2960
Defense: N/A
Attack: 300-366
Range: 1-2
Storage: 15
Movement: 6
Agility: 5.8
Transmission: 00:01:08
Ships: 1000
Tempest Rapid Fire icon "Tempest" Rapid Fire-III x 6
Particle Stun Shield icon Particle Stun Shield-III x 2
Gravity Maint Facility icon Gravity Maint. Facility-III x 1
Team Combat Engine icon Team Combat Engine x 3
Powered Pulse Cannon icon Powered Pulse Cannon-III x 2

General InfoEdit

  • Ballistic Weapons
  • Purchasable at the Corps Mall for 32 contribution points
  • First seen in Scenario Instance Level 6.

This is the first ship in the corps mall and new players to the game will find it formidable. It's a fast ballistic ship armed with decent defenses for its level. For being accessible so early in the game it is still a level 3 chassis with technology only available from high level instances. Due to the ease of upgrading the Corps Mall early on it may still be advisable to skip this ship for something stronger down the road such as a Jumper-A which is almost the same cost but significantly more powerful.

  • Why call it a battleship when it is NOT a battleship? "Cruiser-A" is a more fitting name, but IGG screwed up on the name. Ditto with its "Cruiser-B" cousin.

Strategy for defeatingEdit

  • Tempest Rapid Fire icon "Tempest" Rapid Fire-III are heat based and can be dealt with using Heat Diffusion Shield icon Heat Diffusion Shields
  • The Duke hull uses chrome Armour which is strong against heat and kinetic weapons, this combined with its particle stun shields make use of kinetic weapons ill advised unless you grossly out number your opponent.
  • This ship is best attacked with magnetic weapons.
  • The powered pulse cannons make this ship strong against missile and Ship-based weapons.

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