Duke-II icon   Battleship-B
Hull: Duke-II
Type: Cruiser
Hull Type: N/A
Shields: 1196
Structure: 3227
Defense: N/A
Attack: 1049-1480
Range: 6-10
Storage: 37
Movement: 2
Agility: 5.2
Transmission: 00:01:08
Ships: 1000
Anti-Aircraft Cannon icon Anti-Aircraft Cannon-III x 2
Team Combat Engine icon Team Combat Engine x 1
Hunter Streamliner icon Hunter Streamliner-II x 1
Hunter Streamliner icon Hunter Streamliner-III x 6
Gravity Maint. Facility Gravity Maint. Facility-III x 1
Energy Shield Booster icon Energy Shield Booster-III x 2
Space-Time Magnetic Shield icon Space-Time Magnetic Shield-III x 1
Orbital Shield icon Orbital Shield x 4

General InfoEdit

  • Ship-based Weapons
  • Purchasable at the Corps Mall for 30 contribution points
  • First seen in Instance 8.

This is a Ship-based weapons based Cruiser.

Even Though its Weak its awsome they might pass a restricted

its also possible and its awasome it will take you to instance 5

they might pass a restricted

lucky there 1 ships other wise there will be alot of low instance

they are better than mall 10 ships

Strategy for defeatingEdit

  • Your Worries will be less
  • if you destroy them before he3 runs is your goal
  • they dont havesuplyers

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ship based

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