About Nano ArmorEdit

Nano Armor has a particular vulnerability to magnetic weapons. However it has extra protection against Heat and Explosive weapons. The magnetic weapons vulnerability can be offset by the addition of additional magnetic shielding such as Sagan Magnetic Shields.

Weapon Damage Explosive Magnetic Kinetic Heat
Effectiveness 50% 150% 100% 75%

Ships that have Nano Armor:Edit

Frigates: Weikes, Valkyrie, Space Hunter, Devourer, Cybra
Cruisers: Exodus
Battleships: Nettle, Palenka, Chimera Viper
Special Hull: Hedgehog, Daybreak, Shadow Guardian, Alliance Admiral, Dullahan, Hallows Reaper, Erotes, Exodus, The Behemoth
Tesla Merging: Devourer Boreas, Vengeful Tisiphone, Asterion, Zephyrus
Humaroid-Flagships: Grim Reaper
Tesla Flagship: Terra Scorpirex, Kazati

Updated 29 January 2015

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