Components of a FleetEdit

Note: This follows Fleet Design Documentation Conventions

A fleet has a leading edge or front. In these diagrams, the front is at the top. Other terminology is Rank and File, corresponding to rows and columns, with the first rank at the top and the first file being on the left. The in-game nomenclature for each position is a Stack and is limited to 3,000 ships. Ergo, a fleet can have a maximum of 27,000 ships (9 STacks of 3,000 ships each).

Position mapping of a fleet
1st File 2nd File 3rd File Attack Power
1st Rank Left shoulder Head Right Shoulder 100%
2nd Rank Left Flank Glasshouse Right Flank 90%
3rd Rank Left Rear Tail Right Rear 75%

First Rank (100% Attack Power)Edit

  • Left Shoulder - First Rank, First File
  • Head - First Rank, Second File - Optional Nose Gunner position
  • Right Shoulder - First Rank, Third File

Second Rank (90% Attack Power)Edit

  • Left Flank - Second Rank, First File
  • Glasshouse - Second Rank, Second File - Most protected position, usually contains Glass Cannons but may also contain Flagships.
  • Right Flank - Second Rank, Third File

Third Rank (75% Attack Power)Edit

  • Left Rear - Third Rank, First File
  • Tail - Third Rank, Second File - Second best protected position., vulnerable only to rear assaults. - Optional Tail Gunner position
  • Right Rear - Third Rank, Third File

Special Notes:Edit

  • The Glasshouse is the single best proteced position in any Phalanx.
  • The second best protected position is the Tail Gunner position.
  • Both Shoulders are equally the most vulnerable positions due to exposure to both frontal and flank assaults.
  • Most critical position is the Head since it has second highest exposure to assault and has to protect the Glass Cannons or Flagships in the Glasshouse.
  • In-game reference is the help reference(?) under "Military->Create Fleet"

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