The Compounding Center allows you to compound items and Commander Cards to increase their power.

The following Pages provide information about the Compounding Center:


Command Center Data by Level

Lv. Civic Center Needed Weapons Research Center Needed Build Time in HH:MM:SS Build Cost
1 3 2 00:01:00 MetalResourceIcon 12
He3ResourceIcon 100
GoldResourceIcon 10

Note: Build times and construction costs may vary depending on your Construction Boost and Quality Materials research.

Main Space Station  · Civic Center
Resources He3 Extractor  · Metal Collector  · Residential Area  · Resource Warehouse
City Services Alliance Center  · Compound Center  · Technology Center  · Trading Center  · Galaxy Transporter
Landscaping Casino Resort  · Beacon  · Monument  · Fountain  · Library  · Theater  · Park  · College  · Hospital  · Shopping Center  · Statue · Santa Sculpture
Military Command Center  · Ship Factory  · Weapon Research Center  · Recycling Plant  · Radar  · Spacedock
Defense Meteor Star  · Particle Cannon  · Anti-aircraft Gun  · Thor's Cannon

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