Const screen

Constellation Selection Screen

The 12 Constellations Instances are the latest instances released by the GO2 developers on 22 December 2011. The set-up is fairly similar to Restricted Instances, except that the 12 Constellations can be only played if you have a Constellation Pass
Constellation Pass
but access to it is unlimited. Each single attempt at any constellation instance will consume the constellation pass. This cannot be undone once you press go after selecting your ships. The constellation must be in your inventory bag, not the corp vault.

To enter a 12 constellations instance, click your Space Station, then click Instances. Click Constellations and click the sign which is illuminated in blue.

Then, click any of the illuminated planets and set it up like every other instance.

Like Scenario Instances, this will not result in permanent destruction of warships and only He3 will be consumed.

Instance viewerEdit

The following link is an interactive view of all of the Constellation Instances, ships and information. A very useful tool.

The 12 ConstellationsEdit

The 12 constellations are:

Level   Name
1 Capricorn Capricorn
2 Aquarius Aquarius
3 Pisces Pisces
4 Leo-Constellation Leo
5 Virgo Virgo
6 Sagittarius Sagitarius
7 Libra Libra
8 Taurus Taurus
9 Aries Aries
10 Gemini Gemini (Unreleased)
11 Cancer Cancer
12 Scorpio Scorpio

Other InstancesEdit

Choose an instance:

Normal Restricted Trial Constellations