About Core shipsEdit

These are the soldiers of the fleet. It is a balanced all-around ship design capable of average defense, offense, and can maintain fleet battle speed. The salient feature is a good all-around defense. It is well short of being a Tank as it has greater firepower but due to its defense capability it isn't a Glass Cannon either.


A typical Core design meets the following;

Recommended values (for ships that are past i25)
Shields 3000-4500  
Struct Hull default
MOV 6+ ( to prevent round limit draw outcomes)
ATK Max available in remaining hull space
                        Recommended number of modules


6+ modules depending on the hull type(not for tier 1-3)

Movement missle:4-6  ship based:3-5  Ballistic: 6+ Laser:5+
Attack Modules 5+ depending on leftover space

Where UsedEdit

This design is suitable in many place and forms the backbone of many fleet designs. In any given armada, it is by far the most common ship design type by a factor of 3 or 4. With a few specialized exceptions, every fleet uses Core ships.



Black Hole v Dullahan core designs.


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