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Welcome to the Corps Merging CenterEdit

Here you can use the corps merging center to merge gems and commanders. You can do this in collaboration with your fellow corps mates. Essentially this is the exact same as your own Compound Center.

Corps Merging Center UpgradesEdit

The Corps Merging Center Upgrade will increase the percentage that a successful Commander Card merge will take place. Depending on the initial or base success rate of the Commander Cards you're trying to upgrade, the Level of the Corp Merging Center will increase that base percentage by the amounts below. So Merging a 7-Star Card to an 8-Star Card has an initial base success rate of 50%. (See Commander Ranks and Levels for this info) with a Corp Level 10, this is increased to a 50% + 40% = 90% success rate.


Corps Bonus % Increase

Wealth Cost

Upgrade Time in HH:MM:SS

1 +4% 200 00:20:00
2 +8% 400 01:40:00
3 +12% 800 03:20:00
4 +16% 1,600 06:00:00
5 +20% 3,200 10:00:00
6 +24% 6,400 15:20:00
7 +28% 12,800 22:00:00
8 +32% 25,600 30:00:00
9 +36% 51,200 40:00:00
10 +40% 102,400 50:00:00

Note: Wealth is calculated based on how many resources your members contribute to the Corps.

  • 10 000 resources = 1 contribution point
  • 1 mall point = 1 contribution point
  • 1 contribution point = 1 wealth point

recent fail on s01 server. 15 july 2013


When merging high star commanders look carefully, as even high % bonus from corps sometimes is just not enough.

Always use merging chips, even with 99% chance. 

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