About Deadly ScoutsEdit

Deadly Scouts. well the name is a bit misleading. when all the reasearch is done, and all the weapons are finished, even a ship full of eos will have a lot of trouble holding off an attack from a glass ship. in the end, its what can least to get a got amount of intel from the planet you're reconnoitering.

Technical detailsEdit

For Rps, try sending just 1 ship per fleet with spare commanders. these ships must have no weapons, 1 movment, and no shields. the problem is you got to install a module to the ship. try putting something from the electron department. this way, the ship won't attack any deffences or fleet, and not activate the thors, will be extreamly cheap and be a standard scout.

Tactical ObjectivesEdit

if you are a true recon master, then send a bunch of 27k fleets equiped with nothing but Eos and regens. no losses, but useless unless they have a weapon to get close the the enemy. then they can be used for drawing fire in minor engagments. otherwise, in a massive battle, things get hairy quick and it's a stratigic nightmare, any thing goes. I'd always suggest sending in the Scouts. simple as that.