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Development Quests LvL 1

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Start off level from get go

  • Collecting Resources
    Your planet is rich in natural resources, and a good Commander must know how to control their inventory space. Regularly collect resources from your Resource Warehouse to make space for more. .
    Target: Harvest your Resource Warehouse
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 450, He3ResourceIcon 950, GoldResourceIcon 500, Loudspeaker Loudspeaker
  • Loud and Clear
    With a Loudspeaker, you can make your presence in the galaxy felt by chatting in the World Channel! Give a shout-out to friends in the GO universe or challenge a rival! What you say is up to you! (Click on the chat window in the lower left corner and choose World. Enter some text and start chatting!).
    Target: Say something in the World Channel
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 460, He3ResourceIcon 980, GoldResourceIcon 520
  • Lvl 1 Technology Center
    Technology drives progress. Only through diligent research can society hope to move forward. Construct a Technology Center to enable the research of the latest sciences. (Click on (Build) located in the lower right corner, and select (Construct Buildings).
    Target: Build a, level 1 Technology Center
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 2250, He3ResourceIcon 2100, GoldResourceIcon 3250, Loudspeaker Loudspeaker
  • Lvl 1 Technological Research
    Invest in research so that your base can grow with much more efficiency. Research Concurrent Construction in your Technology Center first to increase your capacity for simultaneous construction..
    Target: Concurrent Construction, level 1
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 500, He3ResourceIcon 480, GoldResourceIcon 600, Construction Card Construction Card
  • Metal Production
    The discovery and mining of Metal is crucial to laying the sturdy foundations of an empire for the ages. (Click on (Build) located in the lower right corner, and select (Construct Buildings), then click on Resources, and start constructing your first Metal Collector!.
    Target: Construct Metal Collector, level 1
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 425, He3ResourceIcon 530, GoldResourceIcon 425, Super Transmission Engine Super Transmission Engine (Blueprint)
  • Blueprints 1
    You must first learn and acquire the contents listed in a blueprint before it can be used. (Click on (My Tools) located in the lower right corner, then click on (Bag), and use the Super Transmission Engine contained within.).
    Target: Use Blueprint(Super Transmission Engine)
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 515, He3ResourceIcon 1190, GoldResourceIcon 575, Truce Card Truce Card
  • He3 Production
    He3 is crucial to the continued development and progress of colonies, as well as being indispensable in the construction of warships. (Click on (Build) located in the lower right corner, and select (Construct Buildings), then click on Resources, and start constructing your first He3 mine!.
    Target: Construct He3 Extractor, level 1
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 475, He3ResourceIcon 400, GoldResourceIcon 475, Estrella Estrella (Blueprint)
  • Creating A Residential Area
    Providing a comfortable living environment for your people serves to boost the economy of your colonies and generate more Gold. (Click on (Build) located in the lower right corner, and select (Construct Buildings), then click on Resources, and start constructing your first Residential Area !.
    Target: Construct Residential Area, level 1
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 390, He3ResourceIcon 360, GoldResourceIcon 325, Loudspeaker Loudspeaker
  • Lvl 1 Ship Factory
    To embark upon a journey toward greatness, every aspiring commander must have an awe-inspiring fleet. Everything starts small! (Click on (Build) located in the lower right corner, and select (Construct Buildings).
    Target: Construct a Ship Factory, level 1
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 600, He3ResourceIcon 475, GoldResourceIcon 550, Typhoon (Blueprint) Typhoon (Blueprint)
  • Lvl 1 Command Center
    Even the strongest force is doomed to fail if it lacks a strong leader. Build a Command Center to recruit and maintain commanders. (Click on (Build) located in the lower right corner, and select (Construct Buildings).
    Target: Construct a Command Center, level 1
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 3000, He3ResourceIcon 2250, GoldResourceIcon 2500, Energy Shield Booster (Blueprint) Energy Shield Booster (Blueprint)
  • Recruit Commanders
    A capable commander can make the difference between life and death. Recruit one from your Command Center and watch your forces grow exponentially in potential and ability!.
    Target: Recruit 1 Commander
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 605, He3ResourceIcon 1250, GoldResourceIcon 685, Revival Card Revival Card
  • Design a Ship
    To build a powerful ship, you must choose all the right components. We suggest selecting the Estrella-I warship for the hull, and adding 4x Cluster Laser Transmitters and 3x Super Transmission Engines to make it super strong. (Click (Military)->(Ship Design) to begin adding components.) There are a lot of parts to choose from, so be thorough!.
    Target: Design a Ship
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 585, He3ResourceIcon 1235, GoldResourceIcon 650, Loudspeaker Loudspeaker
  • Ship Building
    Spare no effort in creating each and every ship, for a fleet needs each of its parts to be at its absolute best. Go to Build -> Build Warship to begin constructing ships for your fleet..
    Target: Build a, level 1 Ship
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 600, He3ResourceIcon 1200, GoldResourceIcon 680, Anti-Aircraft Cannon (Blueprint) Anti-Aircraft Cannon (Blueprint)
  • Build a Fleet
    Coordination and unity are key to all forms of success. Build your first fleet by going to Military -> Create Fleet. Remember to appoint a Commander to man your crew..
    Target: Build 1 Fleet
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 610, He3ResourceIcon 1300, GoldResourceIcon 690, Loudspeaker Loudspeaker
  • Wartime Logistics
    Having sufficient ammunition and supplies for your troops must always be a top priority. Even a sure victory can quickly turn to disaster if the logistical side of warfare isn't handled properly. (Click on (Military) located at the lower right corner and select (Fleet Supplies). Then, click on (Supply All)..
    Target: Replenish Ammunition
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 2000, He3ResourceIcon 3000, GoldResourceIcon 2000, Truce Card Truce Card
  • Bigger Bags
    Prosperity calls for more accommodation, and a jam-packed storage will only limit you from reaching your full potential. Find a locked slot in your bag and click on it to activate. Paying a small amount of gold is well worth the investment!.
    Target: Increase Your Bag Slot By 1
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 620, He3ResourceIcon 1310, GoldResourceIcon 700, Primary Metal Pack Primary Metal Pack
  • Resource Pack
    Resource packs contain extra Metal, Gold or He3 and provide relief during hard times. Find one in your Bag and use it to increase your resource supply..
    Target: Use a Resource Pack
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 680, He3ResourceIcon 1450, GoldResourceIcon 750, Galaxy Transfer Galaxy Transfer
  • Growing Resources
    Growing your own resources on Comsats within your Subsidiary Territory is often the best way to reduce cost and become self-sufficient! [Click on My Tools, Subsidiary Territory, Build. Select one of the Comsats and set it in the empty space.].
    Target: Grow Your Own Resources
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 700, He3ResourceIcon 1480, GoldResourceIcon 780, Healing Card Healing Card
  • Adding Friends
    Never underestimate the importance of having friends, because you never know when opportunity will come knocking. (Click on (Social) and select (Rankings). Click on a player of choice, and then click Add Friend).
    Target: Add 1 Friend
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 710, He3ResourceIcon 1500, GoldResourceIcon 800
  • The Mail System
    Keep in contact with your friends or they may not be there when you need them most! (Click on (Social) and select (Rankings). Click on a player of choice, and select Mail.).
    Target: Send an Email
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 720, He3ResourceIcon 1520, GoldResourceIcon 820, Loudspeaker Loudspeaker
  • Lvl 2 Space Station
    Space Station are central to keeping your colonies and infrastructure secure. Click on (Space Station) located along the bottom of the main interface, then select Space Station, and click on Upgrade.).
    Target: Upgrade Space Station to, level 2
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 1,0465, He3ResourceIcon 9,660, GoldResourceIcon 13,685
  • Space Defense 1
    Investing in a strong defense is often the most effective way to discourage would-be aggressors. Click on (Space Station) to check the status of your Defense Network, and then go to (Build) -> (Construct Buildings) -> (Defense) to select and build defensive units..
    Target: Build 1 Defensive Structure
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 750, He3ResourceIcon 1,600, GoldResourceIcon 880
  • Lvl 2 Metal Collector
    Higher level metal collectors have higher yield and lay the foundation for all future expansions and endeavors..
    Target: Upgrade a Metal Collector to, level 2
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 815, He3ResourceIcon 690, GoldResourceIcon 815, Metal Mining Boost Metal Mining Boost
  • Lvl 2 He3 Extractor
    Higher level He3 collectors have higher yield and lay the foundation for all future expansions and endeavors..
    Target: Upgrade an He3 Extractor to, level 2
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 730, He3ResourceIcon 910, GoldResourceIcon 730, He3 Mining Boost He3 Mining Boost
  • Lvl 2 Residential Area
    Higher level residential areas have higher yield and provide greater morale for your people. It is essential for the expansion of your base..
    Target: Upgrade a Residential Area to, level 2
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 670, He3ResourceIcon 620, GoldResourceIcon 560, Extra Tax Extra Tax
  • Lvl 2 Ship Factory
    To expedite the shipbuilding process, we need more Ship Factories..
    Target: Upgrade the Ship Factory to, level 2
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 1030, He3ResourceIcon 815, GoldResourceIcon 945, Loudspeaker Loudspeaker
  • Lvl 2 Resource Warehouse
  • To better facilitate the process of storing and maintaining resources, central management must first be at its best, and a higher level Resource Warehouse is a mandatory requirement..
    Target: Upgrade the Resource Warehouse to, level 2
    Reward: MetalResourceIcon 3270, He3ResourceIcon 3180, GoldResourceIcon 4130
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