Skills: Fierce Mutation
Accuracy icon 38 Speed icon 49
Dodge icon 49 Electron icon 48
Ballistic S icon Directional A icon Missile S icon Ship Based S icon
Planetary B icon Frigate A icon Cruiser S icon Battleship S icon
Corsairs gold 600

This commander is a combination of Titan and Singhri.

How to ObtainEdit

This commander can be obtained through special events, and by creation using a scroll found in the constellation instances Taurus 4, Libra 4, or from scroll chest VI (Which drops from any Taurus instance).


Fierce Mutation

This commander is a combination of Titan and Singhri. Each time Dopplegangers levels up, the total increment of Dopplegangers' attributes is increased by an additional 5 points. At the beginning of each engagement, the Dopplegangers will copy the enemy commander's skill until the end of the engagement. The conditions required for the copied skill to trigger are also copied. The chances of the copied skill to trigger are now affected by Dopplegangers' attributes.

Affected by all 4 attributes.

Should a Dopplegangers meet another Dopplegangers or a Common Commander. It will not Proc and will simply fight based on its own stats.

Commander's Chance to Trigger AbilityEdit

Note: The initial chance is the chance to trigger their ability when the total number of the related stats is 0. As the related stats increase, the chance to trigger commander ability will increase too. Click on the link to see a list and explanation of all Commander's Chance to Trigger Abilities.

The table shows the chance based on 500, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 1800 related stats.

Name Type Initial Chance Accuracy and Dodge
500 1000 1200 1500 1800
Dopplegangers Commander Card Red Divine Divine ? ? ? ? ?


Dopplegangers is considered to be one of the best commanders around, not only due to their extremely high sum of 4 attributes, but also to copy other commander skills as well. The high sum of the 4 stats of a 2* dopplegangers (without gems) at level 50 is 1128, while the sum of 4 stats of a 5* Death from Above at level 50 is 1116 (without gems.) With the addition of gems and bionic chips, this commander can even prevent high-end commanders, such as Death from Above and Pernicious Princes from nullifying Dopplegangers skill, and USE THEIR SKILL AGAINST THEM. 

If Dopplegangers attack an offense-based commander (such as Fatal Furies), it can USE THAT SKILL on Fatal Furies. If Dopplegangers are defending against defense-based commander (Rex Scuta/Indomitable Duo), it can USE the DEFENSIVE SKILL on the hostile commander. Thus, the more awesome your enemies are, the more awesome your Dopplegangers become. 

The favored attribute combo is Accuracy/Speed or Dodge/Speed. High Accuracy and Speed is best paired with a ship-based weapon, when Dopplegangers are able to strike enemies first-hand. High Dodge and Speed is best paired with a ballistics weapon. 

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