ECM Booster icon
This ECM booster provides multiple boosts to your ship. A +1.5 maximum to steering, and a +1.5 maximum to ship agility. (Ship Agility lessens damage received. Steering power increases attack damage. Only 1 piece of equipment of this type may be equipped at a time.) This module is good for extra agility for ships that lack agility such as Battleships and Cruisers . This module is also good for extra steering power for weapons that lack in steering such as Missile Weapons and Ship-Based Weapons.

ECM Booster AttributesEdit

Module Name Max # of Modules Installation Slots iconVolume He3ResourceIcon He3 Use MetalResourceIcon Metal Cost He3ResourceIcon He3 Cost GoldResourceIcon Gold Cost
ECM Booster-I ECM Booster icon 1 18 0 46 27 30
ECM Booster-II ECM Booster icon 1 19 0 50 30 32
ECM Booster-III ECM Booster icon 1 20 0 56 35 38

ECM Booster BenefitsEdit

  • Agility - Ship Agility lessens damage received.
  • Steering - Increases attack damage.
Module Name Agility Steering
ECM Booster-I ECM Booster icon +0.5 +0.5
ECM Booster-II ECM Booster icon +1.0 +1.0
ECM Booster-III ECM Booster icon +1.5 +1.5

Blueprint InformationEdit

Module Blueprint Name Source Honor Points Prerequisites to use
ECM Booster ECM Booster icon Instance 20,
Web Mall
 2,400HP Agility Booster-I & Infrared Scanner-I

Auxiliary Module
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