About GFS-VengeanceEdit


The GFS-Vengeance is specially designed to maximize the firepower of its equipped weapons, The GFS-Vengeance definitely holds its own among other offense-oriented flagships currently employed by the Federation. Similar to the Firecat flagship, when researched to level-X, the GFS-Vengeance-X can achieve a 100% Double attack rate. This is comparable to the Firecat-X’s 100% critical strike rate. In a head-to-head shootout between these 2 flagships, which will reign supreme?

As we compare the two flagships, we also have a chance to clarify how double attacks and critical strikes actually work.

Consider the following:

Both double attack and critical strikes rates of a ship are at 100%.

>> A Double attack deals 2x damage.

>> A Critical Strike deals 1.35x damage.

>> In both cases, this damage can be absorbed by the target’s shields.

After a quick look at the numbers above, many players may draw the conclusion that double attacks are better than critical strikes. However, we can’t forget the other factors that contribute to the total amount of damage dealt.

1. Although double attack deals 2x damage, it doesn’t benefit from other factors like a commander’s electron attribute.

2. On the other hand, although critical strikes only deal 1.35x damage, a commander’s electron attribute as well as other weapon sciences in effect can cause the critical strike damage to surpass the 2x damage of double attacks in ideal conditions!

To summarize:

1. Commanders with lower electron attribute values like the Fatal Furies might be better situated in switching from the Firecat-X to the GFS-Vengeance-X as the effectiveness of the latter’s special property far exceeds that of the Firecat-X’s special property. The GFS-Vengeance-X can also be seen as a must-have for players with weaker commanders and undeveloped weapon sciences.

2. If you possess a fleet with a well-researched weapon science and a commander with high electron value like Wildfire, the Firecat-X is the flagship for you!

3. Commanders like Robert, who require double attacks to trigger their special ability, will greatly profit from the use of the GFS-Vengeance-X flagship.

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