Allows access to Inter-Galactic League. 10 free matches per day. Single match win is 10 championship badges, loss is 10 honor badges.

Galaxy Transporter Data by LevelEdit

Lv. Civic Center Needed Upgrade Time in HH:MM:SS Upgrade Cost
1 1 24:00:00 MetalResourceIcon 20000
He3ResourceIcon 20000
GoldResourceIcon 20000
Main Space Station  · Civic Center
Resources He3 Extractor  · Metal Collector  · Residential Area  · Resource Warehouse
City Services Alliance Center  · Compound Center  · Technology Center  · Trading Center  · Galaxy Transporter
Landscaping Casino Resort  · Beacon  · Monument  · Fountain  · Library  · Theater  · Park  · College  · Hospital  · Shopping Center  · Statue · Santa Sculpture
Military Command Center  · Ship Factory  · Weapon Research Center  · Recycling Plant  · Radar  · Spacedock
Defense Meteor Star  · Particle Cannon  · Anti-aircraft Gun  · Thor's Cannon

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