Bombardier-III icon   GlassHe
Hull: Bombardier-III
Type: Cruiser
Hull Type: Regen
Shields: 536
Structure: 1728
Defense: N/A
Attack: 776-896
Range: 2-5
Storage: 16
Movement: 5
Agility: 8.0
Transmission: 00:01:11
Ships: 1000
Particle Stun Shield icon Particle Stun Shield-III x 2
Super Transmission Engine icon Super Transmission Engine x 5
Cluster Laser Transmitter icon Cluster Laser Transmitter-III x 8

General InfoEdit

  • A Glass Cannon design with a bit of damage absorption, useful to get through the first few instances.
  • Shouldn't be used in the front rank, but it can withstand the occasional flank attack by enemy ships. 

Designer's NotesEdit

Regen armor reduces damage from kinetic and magnetic weapons. The PSS shields are just there to add a bit of damage reduction. Speed should be sufficient to keep up with most fleets in which it will be used.

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