About the GlasshouseEdit

The Glasshouse is normally the safest position of any formation is usually the only logical position to place Glass Cannons. Note that with Scattering damage, even the Glasshouse is vulnerable and needs at least 2500 of shield value.

Building a GlasshouseEdit

There are many ways to build a Glasshouse and many formations that have one.


Glasshouse in a Phalanx Formation
Tank Tank Tank
Core Glass Cannon Core
Core Core Core


The technique of surrounding one stack of Glass Cannon with stacks of Tanks in a cross like formation.

For example

Glasshouse in a Diamond Formation
Tank Glass Cannon Tank

Filled DiamondEdit

An Alternate to the above would be this:

Glasshouse in a Diamond Formation
Core Tank Core
Tank Glass Cannon Tank
Core Tank Core

This setup is good for large battles, especially when tanks are well equiped with several particle-stun shilds or other damage negating shields. the problem arises when you realize that you only have one stack of ships attacking in your fleet; your tanks may last a long time, but battles and and instances run on too long, sometimes timing out.

Same Pattern as above, but slightly Varied

X T X ----

T O T---- If not making full stacks, use roughly this ratio

X T X ---- 3 O-ships to 2 X-ships to 1 T-Ship

O: a well armed stack in the center would have No Defences, as many engiens as you need (try to keep same number in all stacks to maximise efficiency) and about 30-40% of the remaining space to either Ship-based or Missile weapons for the initial attack,and 60-70% of the space to either Balistic or Orientation weapons, for the closer combat that will ensue. Battleships work well, since they typically have the highest volume.

T: Tanks. Same number of engiens as the "O" unit, about 80-90% of remaining space to Shields & deffences, and 10-20% to either balistic or Orientation weapons(prefferably the same one weapon type as used in the O-Stack) Frigates typically have least room, but highest agility(so they avoid more shots) and they also come with one move , so need less engiens (more room for deffences)

X: A balanced unit, (i go with cruisers) with the sttandard engiens for your fleet, 2-5 negating shields(like Particle stun shields), and 1-2 missiles or ship-based weapons(same as your O-Stack), and the rest balistic or Orientation weapons(again, smae type as other stacks)

This type of setup will give you Fleets that have high Durability, strong atack power, and in the event that a battle does turn for the worse, while your X-ships will die first, the rest of the fleet will still occupy your enemy for a long and bitter battle.

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