He3ResourceIcon He3 is the fuel for the ships.

He3 extractor

An He3 Extractor

You require He3 to power your ships and create and upgrade buildings. The He3 extractor collects He3 for you. You can have a max of 8 He3 Extractors fully upgradable to level 24 according to the game data files. A minimum level of Civic Center is required to upgrade the Extractor.

He3 can be also collected by the Celestial Base.

He3 Boost ItemsEdit

Planet Transformation PacksEdit

Icon Item Name Cost Description
Gaseous Planet Gaseous Planet MallPointsResourceIcon 80 Changes the appearance of your home planet and increases He3 production by 5% for 168 hours.

Resource PacksEdit

Icon Item Name Cost Description
Primary He3 Pack Primary He3 Pack MallPointsResourceIcon 16 Open to receive He3ResourceIcon 50,000-60,000
Junior He3 Pack Junior He3 Pack MallPointsResourceIcon 32 Open to receive He3ResourceIcon 150,000-180,000
Senior He3 Pack Senior He3 Pack MallPointsResourceIcon 56 Open to receive He3ResourceIcon 300,000-350,000

Resource BoostsEdit

Icon Item Name Cost Description
MVP Tool MVP Tool MallPointsResourceIcon 120 All Resource Production is increased by +20%, Ship Building Rate is increased by +20%, construction speed is increased by +20%, Ship Building Repair Rate is increased by +20%, a Planet Transformation Tool is given and the number of times for Daily Draws is increased by +2. This effect lasts for 168 Hours.
He3 Mining Boost He3 Mining Boost MallPointsResourceIcon 4 Increase yield of He3 by 30% for 12 hours.


  • In the real world, He3 would be written as He3, and is sometimes known as tralphium.

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