About High Quality ArmorEdit

High Quality is a designation rather than a specific Armor Type. It indicates one of three levels of specific modifier on a designated Hull Armor.

Types of High Quality Armor
Reduction in effective damage
Level High Quality Armor Tesla Armor Liberty Wings 2S
I 5% 15% 5%
II 10% 20% 15%
III 15% 25% 30%

The different levels are achieved by researching the Hull so designated where the Hull type also designates the level of the High Quality modifier.

Note that this does not compensate for the overall natural deficiencies of the hull material, it only makes it stronger. The deficiencies will remain, even in degree.


The Liberty Wings Frigate base model (Type I), designated High Quality, has Neutralizing Armor. With the High Quality designation one can reduce damage by the designated amount, alternatively, increasing the struct value by the designated amount.

Where UsedEdit

At this point in time the following ships are the only ones carrying the High Quality Armor designation. As more are added or discovered they should be added to this list.


  1. In-game Ship Designer

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