Honor Medal Large Honor points or emblem of honor are awarded for competing in League Matches or Pirate Battles against other players, once earned they can be redeemed in the Web Mall for items in the category Honor.

Webmall honor itemsEdit


Icon Item Name  Cost HP Description
Azrael icon Azrael (Blueprint) 6188 Ballistic
BloodyMary icon BloodyMary (Blueprint) 6936 Ballistic
Flamer icon Flamer (Blueprint) 6188 Directional
Nemesis icon Nemesis (Blueprint) 6936 Directional
Dragon Slayer icon Dragon Slayer (Blueprint) 6188 Missile
Wipeout icon Wipeout (Blueprint) 6936 Missile
Widowmaker icon Widowmaker (Blueprint) 6188 Ship-based
Titan icon Titan (Blueprint) 6936 Ship-based
Doomsday icon Doomsday (Blueprint) 3456 Planetary
Flash Sonicbomb icon "Flash" Sonicbomb (Blueprint) 2646 Ballistic
Calamity Howitzer icon "Calamity" Howitzer (Blueprint) 3456 Ballistic
Deathhowl Shockwave icon "Deathhowl" Shockwave (Blueprint) 4374 Ballistic
Ares Widowmaker icon "Ares" Widowmaker (Blueprint) 5400 Ballistic
Meltdown icon Meltdown (Blueprint) 2646 Directional
Heartstopper icon Heartstopper (Blueprint) 3456 Directional
Princess Lightspear icon "Princess" Lightspear (Blueprint) 4374 Directional
Tomahawk Godfist icon "Tomahawk" Godfist (Blueprint) 5400 Directional
Destroyer Rocket Rack icon "Destroyer" Rocket Rack (Blueprint) 2646 Missile
Thunder Missile Pod icon "Thunder" MissilePod (Blueprint) 3456 Missile
Destroyer Nuclear Rack icon "Destroyer" Nuclear Rack (Blueprint) 4374 Missile
Doomsday Nuclear Launcher icon "Doomsday" Nuclear Launcher (Blueprint) 5400 Missile
Warhammer Streamliner icon "Warhammer" Streamliner (Blueprint) 2646 Ship-based
Hammerhead icon Hammerhead (Blueprint) 3456 Ship-based
Hornet Swarm icon Hornet Swarm (Blueprint) 4374 Ship-based
Pandora icon Pandora (Blueprint) 5400 Ship-based


Icon Item Name  Cost HP Description
Quick Reaction Armor icon Quick Reaction Armor (Blueprint) 3174 Structure Module
Reflective Plating icon Reflective Plating (Blueprint) 2400 Structure Module
Energy Armor icon Energy Armor (Blueprint) 3174 Structure Module
Daedalus Control System icon Daedalus Control System (Blueprint) 6534 Structure Module
Eos Phase Shift Shield icon EoS Phase Shift Shield (Blueprint) 6534 Shield Module
ECM Booster icon ECM Booster (Blueprint) 2400 Electronic Module
Auto Target System icon Auto Target System (Blueprint) 4056 Electronic Module
Powered Pulse Cannon icon Powered Pulse Cannon (Blueprint) 2400 Air Defense Module
Extreme Counterattack icon Extreme Counterattack (Blueprint) 3174 Air Defense Module
Team Combat Engine icon Team Combat Engine (Blueprint) 6534 Transmission Module
Nano Station Warehouse icon Nano Station Warehouse (Blueprint) 3174 Storage Module
Anti-matter Engine icon Anti-matter Engine (Blueprint) 6534 Transmission Module


Icon Item Name  Cost HP Description
File:Corsairs Chest.gif Corsairs' Chest 3 Contains 1 Corsair's Gold
Adv Galaxy Transfer Adv Galaxy Transfer 3000 Moves your planet to a specified destination. (Click the Check Available Destinations button in the Universe pane to find available destinations)
Corps Certificate Corps Certificate 3000 Required for Corps creation.
Loudspeaker 10 Loudspeakers 25 Used to speak in the world channel. One message is one Loudspeaker. You get 10 at a time from the Web Mall.
SP Card SP Card 188
Healing Card Healing Card 150 Heals a wounded commander.
Revival Card Revival Card 300 Revives a dead commander.
Passport icon Passport 1200 Enables you to do an extra Restricted Instance per day.

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