In humaroid battles you do lose ships!, unlike other instances, constellation etc.

Humaroid battle level 2

Totals: 7 Fleets, 600 stacks = 37800 Ships

Flagship = Mercury Wing

Fleets: 2x The Guardians-5 - Blue Flagship

CC: 3* Frontline Surge

Ships & Weapons: Mall 5 Devourers / Typhoon Speed Cannon

Fleets: 2x The Guardians-6 - Blue Flagship

CC: 3* Frontline Surge

Ships & Weapons: Mall 5 Wraiths / Plasma Energy Cannon

Fleets: 2x The Guardians-7 - Red Flagship

CC: 3* Frontline Surge

Ships & Weapons: Mall 5 Whirlpools / Boomerang Rocket Rack

Fleets: 1x The Guardians-8 - Red Flagship

CC: 4* Fatal Furies

Ships & Weapons: Mall 5 Whirlpools / Leopard Streamliner

Tips on How to Beat:Edit

The following information is not verified, it may be partially or completely incorrect.

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General Advice for all the Humaroid planets is, do not attempt them until you can clear Constellations of an equivalent level.  Until you can clear a Constellation, most players advise you do not attempt them. In Constellations you do not lose ships, so it's best to perfect your art there first.

  • 7 fleets of 1500 Indies per slot are enough to win without lost ships.(6 eos 1 ea?)
  • 1 fleet 27k Nihels (max agillity, ballistic) and any divine with 700+ dodge can solo this
  • 1 fleet 27k ballistic hamdar 4* DFA with 700+ dodge 0 losses
  • front row and sides of indies, center stack conquistadors with a glass right behind it, make sure you do not land in a way the lets them atack your back row head on..extra damage and your glass will die..
  • 700dodge seems to be the magic a point if you can out speed them you can take out every fleet with balanced SB with conqs before they fire...i dont know the speed required tho
  • this can be beaten with 24k liberty wings and 100 conq x in the centre also can be done with gforce? in the centre? with a 1* dfa with 350+ dodge
  • Level 2 huma can be done with 4* DFA with 120 dodge, but with 1200 total stats. So what really matters is the total sum of the 4 stats. I used 21k Independence ships with 6 EOS, 1 EA, and 3 Judgement, 3k Nihelbets placed in the back row center stack (that pirates do not even touch), and 1 Conquistador ship in the center. I get 0 losses every time.
  • This can be done with any DFA with 965 or more total stats, to nullify the FF. I did this with my 3* lvl 40 DFA (965 total stats) without any damage. My fleet had 300 Intrepid Nexus-X and 24k Dullahans with 8 EOS, 4 EA and 5 "Ares" Widowmakers. The point is to nullify the FF, else you will end up having big losses.
  • 1* Rex Scuta 310 dodge (Blue Mechanic chip V and blue carger chip V), 3000 indies per slot (4 eos and 2 EA, 4 scorpion stinger), center stack 500 nexus X.
  • a way for newbies is put interceptors. firgates with ~20 PPC and 16 agility 200/stack would be enough to intercept FF. Then put interceptors on max durability

Humaroid LevelsEdit

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