Level 8:Edit

Fleet Information:

13 Fleets

2300 Stack Regular Ships / 2400 Stack Flagship = 270400 Ships Total

Shadow Guardian, Nihelbet, Presidio of Glory



9* Fatal Furies X4 (speed: 450)

7* Victory Roar X3 (speed: 360)

9* Light and Darkness X6 (speed: 450)

Tips on How to Beat:Edit

The following information is not verified, it may be partially or completely incorrect.

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General Advice for all the Humaroid planets is, do not attempt them until you can clear Constellations of an equivalent level.  Until you can clear a Constellation, most players advise you do not attempt them. In Constellations you do not lose ships, so it's best to perfect your art there first.

2014 april 24, did it with no losses with The Dictators, total stats 1846, dodge 800, with asterions with Jack-o-lantern and Armstrong Radon Armor

EDIT: only 2032 stat is required for dfa. not 2035.

Huma 8 can be completed with DFA and/or Rex Scuta with a total combined stat of 2,035 (yes same as Huma 7). This high level of total stats are required to prevent Victory Roar from procing. I've done Huma 8 with Nih Bali design (10EOS/4EA) with Conq-X centers and I've used a Liberty Wing Bali design (8EOS/4EA) with Conq-X centers. Both work well, but I prefere the Liberty Wing design, for the negation and formation reductions. Good Bionic Chips are highly recommended, specifically recharger chips. If you solo with DFA and/or Rex, there are reflective modules on all the fleets (except for PoG). - JerseyReef s15


Fatal Fury has more than 1979 Stats.

Humaroid LevelsEdit

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