Level 9:Edit

Totals: 14 Fleets * 22700 Ships/Fleet = 317800 Ships

Flagship = Mercury Wing (Ball), Intrepid Nexus (Missile), Grim Reaper (SB), Shadow Trojan (Laser)

Fleets = Independence


4 x 9* Fatal Furry - Ball: Min Range - Closet

4 x 9* Light and Darkness - Laser: Min Range - Closet

3 x 9* Victory Roar - Missile: Max Range - Max Attack Power

3 x 9* Frontline Surge - Ship-based: Min Range - Closet Target

speed (all cmd): 450

Tips on How to Beat:Edit

The following information is not verified, it may be partially or completely incorrect.

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General Advice for all the Humaroid planets is, do not attempt them until you can clear Constellations of an equivalent level.  Until you can clear a Constellation, most players advise you do not attempt them. In Constellations you do not lose ships, so it's best to perfect your art there first.

Any Rayo based divine can avoid enemy proc's as long as the combined stats are 2035+.

6-7* Titan Divine with 1100+ dodge in Bali LWs (8 EOS 6 EA 18.6 agil) can do this.. I recommend using ~2.5 acc/elec and 5 dodge for crit hits off the elec.

USE 50 common commander 1k x 3 slot + 1piece on other slot with 1pcs CQ-x ( SB widow BH ) = 10k loses but u keep ur money inside ur pocket ^^ ( strategic game ) not money game lolz - NiceyNice - s04

DFA 9* with 1150 dodge, orange chips V : negation, shield regen, shield max, ballistic min and max

Nihelbet with max agi 7 eos 1 daedalus 5 Ea full balli

can solo huma 9 with minimal loss ( can perfect it )

Remove min balistic for daidalos VI +9.6 general def; put nexus X (7x judgment III) middle and you will have ZERO losses

Huma 9 can be completed with DFA and/or Rex Scuta with a total combined stat of 2,035 (yes same as Huma 7 and Huma 8). This high level of total stats are required to prevent Victory Roar from procing. I've only done Huma 9 with a Liberty Wing Bali design (8EOS/4EA) with Conq-X centers and gForce X centers. You need the gForce-X centers to prevent VR from getting some shield penetration on the ships and prevent minimal losses. I have not tried the Nih Bali design (10EOS/4EA) as I suspect they would not work as well the Liberty Wing design. Good Bionic Chips are highly recommended, specifically recharger chips. If you solo with DFA and/or Rex, there are reflective modules on all the fleets (except for PoG). - JerseyReef s15

Farming with 7* DFA, with a combined stat of 2037. Using LW with 5EA 9EOS and shooting stars. Also using 3x purple bio chip lvl 6, 2xorange biochip, lvl6. - Bob s06

9* dfa with 2200stats can farm this perfectly, i use Lw3 with 10eos,5ea,ame,tce,agil,infred,ecm,ats,tdm,daed, 4 shooting star,regen and an orb shield

and Conq centres -12move, all mods, daed , 2ea, 6eos, 2 regens, 4ss, 5bs, ref plating

Lvl 7 purple neg chip , Lvl 5 orange mech chip, Lvl 6 orange aegis chip, Lvl6 orange daed chip and Lvl 6 orange charger.

this can solo a Lvl 6-10 huma perfectly with no losses( maybe a few from reflect)

seen people using 5* The Heartless Ones solo huma 9 with cursed eurus not sure how exactly that works

I am using 6* EE with 1200+ dodge to run H9's without losses. I am using Cursed ships with layered Apate. However I sometimes find myself gateblocked and without bali weps the match rnds out =(

Note: H9 is far easier for me than H6, 7 or 8 due to H9's indy only shooters. H9 no losses. H6,7,8 I'll lose 10-30 ships

Humaroid LevelsEdit

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