In a recent battle on Server 1, while one side was clearly winning and had the opposition outnumbered, the server goes down suddenly and comes back online within a few minutes. There was no scheduled maintenance and in fact, IGG had clearly stated on their Facebook page that Server 1 will NOT be taken down for any changes.
This results in the planetary defenses - which were supposed to be dead until the end of the battle - to return and wipe out a large number of ships from the winning side.
Numerous players contacted their live support and opened service tickets. They were given various reasons for the server crash. While most were asking for compensation for their lost ships - which many had spent money on for upgrading and speeding up - IGG insisted that there will be an announcement and everyone will be compensated. Lies again.
They then say that there was a glitch for mall points purchased for the weekly Championships, which caused the crash. Quickly an announcement goes out that everyone will be handed 3 Championship medallions.
While maybe a handful of people MAY have had this mall point issue - which IGG has failed to prove to its players that this in fact was the case - IGG supposedly preferred a select few mall point purchasers to an entire server. All other heavy mall point purchasers on the winning side are ignored.
When confronted about their conduct, every question was dodged by a shady unrelated answer. While they claim they have no one playing the game, they have failed to respond to each and every single question and demand for compensation, and are simply sweeping this under the rug.
It is strongly recommended that if you play their games, do not spend a dime. If a company cannot guarantee fairness in their game and influence the game, it says a lot about their people's character and how they operate their business.
Below is a sample of a  conversation back and forth with their service center. Read on and see how they dodge questions and demands by one of the heaviest Mall Point spenders. Read it from bottom to top.
We encourage all other players who have contacted IGG regarding this interference, post their comments here so the world is made aware of their unfair and scamming methods.
==Service Tickets With IGG==
My Question @ 04/22/14 06:35:27

I don\'t care about your stupid champ medallions. Do you even know how to read? Everything I say, you keep answering with another stupid answer not related. I have now lost 200k Arctic Airboard ships due you your fuckup! No Medalion can bring them back. Your interference in the PVP game did this by bringing back the Thors. Your interference in the game will be made aware to everyone, be sure. And you repeatedly told me in previous emails I WILL BE COMPENSATED. Where is it? How will you give me back my ships (MP SPENT ON THEM GODDAMNIT!!) ? Explain HOW you will compensate me.

GM Reply @ 04/21/14 19:58:53

Thank you for your patience. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this incident has caused you. Regarding your issue, kindly note that each player from Server 1 will receive 3 Champion's Medallions (upon each use, gives the player 100 Championship Points after refreshing the game) as a token of our apologies for the inconvenience caused during the emergency maintenance on April 19th. We can only ask for your understanding regarding this matter. To read more about this announcement, kindly go to the following link: If you have any more issues, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you for your continuous patronage.

My Question @ 04/21/14 06:25:33

Hi we are Sleeping Faggots, and all we do IS FUCKING WHINGE AND BITCH AND MOAN when things aren't going our way. We sleep with little old ladies to get to where we are it is not fair on us, having to put up with itchy scrot caught from 90 year old herpes. As a result of IGG's actions, we now have to take it up the poopen hole every morning from our ever inebriated master, Lord Fish...who can't deal with his constant hangovers so needs to take it out, unlubricated, on our poor bottoms. Life is so unfair.

GM Reply @ 04/20/14 22:46:52

Thank you for your reply. We do understand where you're coming from. We are aware that the resolution we have provided did not satisfy your expectation. However, please be informed that the resolution we have provided you was resulted from vast investigation of our database and systems as explained on the previous reply. We apologize that we are not able to grant your request as our events team and technical team had checked everything and found out that there is nothing wrong with the account you reported to us. Therefore, we can assure you that there was no error on our end. We also apologize that we cannot grant your request as it is against the game rules. However, for the fairness of the resolution, we would suggest that if you want to dispute our resolution, pleae send an email to our complaints department at Thank you and have a nice day.

My Question @ 04/20/14 21:23:30

You realize that you have already interfered with PVP and personal gameplay in the game by preferring some other MP buyers who had issues and you shut down the server to help THEM and not EVERYONE ELSE. So your reasoning is absolutely invalid. About disabling tneen\'s Thor cannons, again your explanation is INVALID> you will not be \'INTERFERING\', you will be CORRECTING a WRONGDOING that IGG did. Nothing else. You will be putting FAIR in the FAIR place. By not doing so, you will just discourage players and be totally sure, they WILL leave the game. Whether he is a buyer or not, all you are doing is doing the RIGHT thing. Rest assured, no compensation you offer will change anyone\'s mind, other than making THIS happen. You are not making any anomalies in his game. you are making it work the way it was supposed to before you messed up the system and your people intervened with the game with absolute malicious intent. His Thors WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO LIVE, and you brought them to life. Take them away. SIMPLE. Failing to do so right away will prove all our thoughts that IGG is malicious, and IGG has someone playing the game. Try proving that wrong to the public. Not possible.

GM Reply @ 04/20/14 19:52:36

Thank you for contacting us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Regarding with your concern, for the balance and fairness of the game were not allowed to interfere with player vs player activities nor allowed to intervene with player's account. The suspected is a legitimate game spender as well. Kindly allow us to give you an insight. For example if a player suspected your account for doing anomalies? Do you think would it be fair on your end? We'll guarantee to you that we do not have any employees or part of IGG that playing in the commercial servers nor interfere within the game itself. We understand and we are aware that majority of the players are encountering the same issue about the delay on the fleets that were sent to battles. We have escalated this issue to the appropriate department for this to be fixed. We are trying our very best to have this fixed immediately. We truly would like to apologize for the inconvenience this has been causing you. However, as of now, we would really need to ask for your patience. We will be announcing it very soon when the issue is fixed. We hope you will understand. Should you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us back. Thank you for your continuous support.

My Question @ 04/20/14 18:24:56

Before the fury goes beyond repair with all these players, and before this blows in your face, you have one simple solution: Disable Thors on account 64149 - tneen - where the war is taking place and keep the Thors disabled until the completion of the battle. At lease there will be some redemption if you do this. And don\'t tell me it can\'t be done, because we all know it is easily doable, and if you choose not to, then you are definitely proving that the opposition has someone working in IGG. Good luck keeping MP buyers interested once they all see you failed to do this simple fix - and it does NOT need a server maintenance to do so.

My Question @ 04/20/14 08:12:14

NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!! This is absolute horseshit. Youre compensating the people who spent MP during this outage??? Who gives a crap? You should be compensating people in the large server war who lost ships to planetary defense coming back and wiping them out. Is all you care about the MP spenders? Well look at my record, I\'ve probably paid the salary of half of your people since I played. I want to know exactly what compensation you are going to give me for losing thousands of Tesla ships??? And If our side loses this battle because of this, I will personally guarantee at least 30 heavy MP players will quit your game. We already suspect someone from the opposition works for IGG, and this crash was deliberate. This was the ONLY way they could gain an advantage on us, and your inside man playing the game made this UNFAIR. You guys are now influencing the game itself, there is nothing fair about it anymore.

GM Reply @ 04/19/14 15:38:18

Thank you for contacting us via our Online Service Center. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the update held today, April 19th. Kindly be informed that we had to update the game as some players from your server were experiencing problems with their purchased Mall Points not being applied to their accounts. We held the 15-minute game update to fix the problem. We are aware that the said update greatly affected a lot of players, especially those who participated in the Champions battle. Please be assured that we will do our best to sort the problem caused by the update. We also will be sending compensation for this inconvenience on the next maintenance. We thank you for understanding. If you are not satisfied with our services, you may file a complaint at Feel free to contact us once again for any other inquiries or concerns. Thank you for your continuous support.

My Question @ 04/19/14 11:21:45

In the middle of a server was with millions and millions of ships, you guys PROMISED our server will not go down. In the middle of round 9, server went down, came back and suddenly round 10 started. Why would you put is in such a disadvantage???? Millions of ships on my side will be lost just because you messed up and the Thors, if they respawn next round, we will suffer tons of losses. ALso, we had a hard time breaking some fleets and with a sudden round change, other fleets that were Aileened have come back again. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP.