Independence-III icon   Independence - revention
Hull: Independence-III
Type: Flagship (Cruiser)
Hull Type: Light
Shields: 1760
Structure: 1650
Defense: 9.4
Attack: 2700-4950
Range: 1-2 (1-4 with research)
Storage: 130
Movement: 7
Agility: 7.1
Transmission: 00:00:35
Ships: unknown
Sagan Kinetics Shield Sagan Kinetics Shield-III x 1
Sagan Magnetic Shield Sagan Magnetic Shield-III x 1
Sagan Explosive Shield Sagan Explosive Shield-III x 1
Sagan Heat Shield Sagan Heat Shield-III x 1
Hertz Regenerator icon Hertz Regenerator-III x 1
Armstrong Radion Armor icon Armstrong Radion Armor-III x 2
Eos Phase Shift Shield icon Eos Phase Shift Shield-III x 2
Gladius Ark icon Gladius Arc-III x 4
Orbital Shield icon  Orbital Shield x 6


Link to Design

Taking the best of new (April 2013) modules and adding it to standard independence, there are many possible designs of this type; but i like this!


Although shield is low for this build (1760) the shield damage negation is high enough to mitigate





all figures are apparently effective shield including negation,  using the Instance Viewer.


Keeping the sagans at 1 of each leaves room for many much-firepower, 4 x gladius ark III (a tier 13 ballistic weapon) can of course be swapped out for directional or sb as per preference.

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