The Inter-Galactic League is a cross-server PvP activity accessible once a Galaxy Transporter is built. 10 matches are allowed per day, where a win grants 10 Badge points  and a loss grants 10 Honor Points. An additional 5 matches can be fought for 10 MP each. The outcome of each match is calculated instantly. Neither Ships nor He3 can be lost. Every player has a rank. The player will have 9 players of ranks slightly better than the player's own rank. When initiating a battle, a win will make your rank better, while a loss will result in no change of rank. When another player initiates a battle with your ships, a loss will result in a worse rank, while beating the challenging player will not change your rank. The higher your rank the more champ points you can collect from the Galaxy Transporter everyday. Getting to one of the top ten ranks will award a planet item.

Placement in IGL Rewards
1-10 G.F.Capital, 150 Champs Points
11-30 120 Champs Points
31-110 100 Champs Points
111-210 80 Champs Points
211-350 70 Champs Points
351-550 60 Champs Points
551-1000 30 Champs Points
1001 and lower 10 Champs Points

Planet item: G.F. Capitol grants a 5% boost to both resources production and ship building speed and a 50% boost to ship repair for 24 hours.


-For more wins, and thus more badges, you can dismiss your fleets from igl when you aren't doing your own matches. Anyone who challenges you will win automatically, and your rank will drop. This will put in the same ranks as either (a) others who leave no fleets in their transporter or (b) players who are not strong enough to advance in rank. This means you will get many wins

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