Weikes-III Large   GlassMg
Hull: Weikes-III
Type: Frigate
Hull Type: Nano
Shields: 664
Structure: 1040
Defense: N/A
Attack: 414-462
Range: 2-5
Storage: 3
Movement: 3
Agility: 6.6
Transmission: 00:01:04
Ships: 1100
Magneto Pulsar icon Magneto Pulsar-III x 6
Super Transmission Engine icon Super Transmission Engine x 2
Energy Shield Booster icon Energy Shield Booster x 1

General InfoEdit

  • This is really just a basic Glass Cannon build, with enough shields to get through the first few instances. It will remain serviceable in a protected spot of the fleet up to about i8.
  • No point in making it any faster, as you won't encounter ship-based weaponry till i7. By that time you will have better options for ship builds than this one.
  • Adding some early levels of Directional Science is inexpensive and will bring the damage output to 600+.

Designer's NotesEdit

Its nano armor works well against heat and explosive weapons, which is what you largely face in the first few instances. Directional weapons don't use much He3 and have a decent rate of fire. Magnetic weaponry is effective against most early enemies, and range of 2-5 allows for the introduction of close and medium range combat tactics. The movement allowance + range allows you to chase down and shoot at any of the early enemies you will run across.

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