The Items Requested page is a list of items for purchase by a particular player. If you have an item or several items that you are willing to purchase, post your comment below or edit this page. Once a trasaction has been made, please note that the purchase is completed.

This page is still under development. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Trade Zone

Items for Sale

Items RequestedEdit

Feel free to edit the table to add your entry or post a comment below using the sample below. You can either PM the ID # or send a message to the Wikia username.

Server Seller (GoII Name) Wikia Name ID Icon Item Name MallPointsResourceIcon Mall Points GoldResourceIcon Gold
S09 Overlord008 Swish008 113035 Polymesus BP Polymesus Blueprint Send me msg
S02 Aznturf Unknown 29743 Tiamat BP Tiamat Blueprint 110

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