Battle of cus East portal 26 May 2012.

Three battles occur on the planets of Manapuk, Bullmag and cus in the afternoon of 23 May 2012. KAMA alliance (Kingdom of Awesome Masters and Aftermath alliance) is the attacker of both planets, while Panot defends, as CONQUERORZ is an ally of the Panot alliance.


The first war between the then-Awesome and Panot occurred from March 22 lasting until May 1, 2012, with a one-day pause on 17-18 April. After the last major battle ceased on 30 April, there was a sudden stoppage in battles, reportedly for both alliances to regroup and rebuild. Awesome alliance attacked 2 CQ planets on 23 May 2012, starting a war featuring Flagships.

Battle/Raid listEdit

Battle of BullmagEdit

Battle of Bullmag


1401,334 (Corps: CONQUERORZ)


23 May 2012


Tactical Awesome victory

The North portal of the planet became the point of the two sides.

Battle of cusEdit

Battle of cus
  • 28 May 2012 East portal
  • 28 May 2012 West portal
  • 30 May east portal
  • 1 June East portal
  • 6 June East portal


1400,336 (Corps: CONQUERORZ)


23 May 2012 (afternoon)-9 June 2012 7:27:22 AM, 16 days and 14-17 hours


Strategic defensive victory

It is the largest among the wars and the only one that exceeded 10 days. It ranks third in the server's longest wars, behind Juju and Marycar .

Stream of attackers coming in from the North portal as of 12:40 AM May 24, 2012. Defenders swarm from West portal. Attackers mainly seen on North and center parts.

As of 27 May, defenders swarmed in from the South portal with a mix of both sides on the East. The North still remains as a hub for the attackers.

A maintenance occurred on 29 May, making it the 3rd battle to be ever affected by a maintenance.

Near 31 May, the control for the West area reached to an equal 50/50 rate. 11% was reclaimed by the defenders over a day later. On the same day, the defenders lose control of the space station area.

By 2 June, the north and east portals belonged to the attackers while the south and west portals belonged to the defenders. A stalemate occurs between the East and South portals.

By Day 13 and 14 (June 5 and 6 respectively), the defenders have overrun the North area and the attackers are currently defending themselves after being enclosed. (see fleet chart on slideshow on the side)

On Day 15 (7 June), TIOR came out from the West portal and fake came from the South (both from Dead-Master). THey brought out fleets commanded by high-ranking Commanders . Conquistador-X claims to have shot down 10 of fake's fleets with at least 7 fleets with high-star commanders.

Portal status as of midnightEdit

  • Fleet positions on May 29 2012. Black spots are mistakes.
  • 30 May 2012 fleet chart
  • Fleet chart at late night of 30 May
  • Fleet chart 1 June
  • June 2 fleet chart.
  • 3 June fleet chart
  • 4 June fleet chart
  • 5 June fleet chart
  • 6 June fleet chart (as of 7:30 PM)
  • 7 June fleet chart
  • 8 June fleet chart (8 hours and 40 minutes before the battle ended)
  • Battle result. Ship total is 90,726,943 making it the largest war in terms of ship count in the server (excluding the two longest wars)
Area Fleet volume Occupational status
27 May 2012
North light Attackers (100%)
East slightly heavy Attackers (100%)
South hotspot Defenders (100%)
West hotspot Attackers (90%)
28 May 2012
North light-moderate Attackers (100%)
East slight-moderate heavy Attackers (98%)
South hotspot Defenders (90%)
West hotspot (main battle zone) Attackers (85%), swarmed by defenders from portal.
29 May 2012
North light Attackers (99%)
East moderate Attackers (100%)
South hotspot Defenders (85%)
West hotspot Attackers (85%)
30 May 2012
North moderate attackers (89%)
East heavy attackers (90%)
South light (south west), hotspot (south east) defenders (75%)
West heavy attackers (86%)
30 May 2012 (11 PM)
North heavy (north-west), hotspot (north-east) attackers (80%)
East extremely heavy attackers (87%)
South light-moderate defenders (82%)
West hotspot (north-west) Equal (50/50)
1 June 2012
North heavy attackers (87%)
East extremely heavy, hotspot (SE) attackers (85%)
South light (SW), hotspot (SE) defenders (76%)
West heavy fighting (Southwest by west), light (SW) defenders (61%)
2 June 2012
North moderate attackers (99%)
East moderate fighting attackers (91%)
South moderate, heavy fighting (center-south) defenders (87%)
West hotspot (NW and center-west) defenders (65%)
3 June 2012
North light Attackers (98%)
East Heavy Attackers (88%)
West Heavy fighting Defenders (66%)
South Heavy Defenders (96%)
4 June 2012
North Light Attackers (97%)
East Heavy Fighting Attackers (79%)
South Heavy Fighting Defenders (81%)
West Heavy Defenders (100%)
5 June 2012
North Moderate fighting Defenders (86%)
East Heavy fighting Attackers (72%)
South Heavy Defenders (98%)
West slightly heavy Defenders (100%)
6 June 2012 (as of 7:30 PM)
North light Defenders (100%)
East heavy fighting Defenders (67%)
South light-moderate Defenders (100%)
West light-moderate Defenders (100%)
7 June 2012 (as of 7:35 PM)
North light Defenders (100%)
East heavy fighting Defenders (71%)
South moderate Defenders (100%)
West moderate Defenders (99%)
8 June 2012 (as of 10:45 PM)
North very light Defenders (100%)
East moderate fighting Defenders (81%)
South light fighting Defenders (99%)
West light fighting Defenders (99%)

Battle of ManapukEdit

See comment below.

Battle of Manapuk


1371,269 (corps: KRYPTON, transferred to Pulis-Kalawakan)


23 May 2012-25 May 2012


Tactical FairyTail victory


Battle of chupakabra21

Battle at chupakabra21, not sure if heating up or will be a small battle.



1122,367 (corps: Inviato)


23 May 2012-25 May 2012


Tactical Panot victory


  • DudeV.2 (attacked by Gen.SpaceWar of Inviato, defended by Robored)
  • Khartefant (Harabas, defensive victory)
  • TopakinGFKo (Starseekers)


  • Battle site at chupakabra21 at the night of 24 May.
  • battle site at cus at the night of 24 May. Attackers mainly used North portal while defenders used the West portal.
  • Battle site at Manapuk at the night of 24 May.
  • Raid at DudeV.2
  • Khartefant battle site

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