Krina Klaus
Krina Klaus
Skills: Winter's Gift
Accuracy icon 20 Speed icon 20
Dodge icon 20 Electron icon 20
Ballistic A icon Directional A icon Missile A icon Ship Based A icon
Planetary A icon Frigate A icon Cruiser A icon Battleship A icon
Corsairs gold 600

This commander was introduced over the 2012 Christmas Holiday Seasonal event, it is always available everywhere. Seriously. 

Krina Klaus hails from the Skane-XXV star systemm located at the edge of theg galaxy. While Skane-XXV is the considered frozen, barren wasteland, impoverished compared to more prosperous sectors of civilization. But it is a place of mirth and peace. All that came to an end when rumors of a mystyerious power possessed by the ruler Kringle Klaus reached the ear of the space pirates. The pirates brought fire and war to Skane-XXV, only to find their greed was for naught. Krina was sent to the core system of the Federation for her safety as her home planet laid in ruin. Receiving tutelage from Shaba, Krina Klause now dedicates herself to proctecting the innocent and weak in the galaxy from those who seek to use violence to achieve their ends.


Winter's Gift
At the end of Krina Klaus’ turn, there is a chance to increase the Overall Ship Defense of friendly fleets within 4 spaces by 10 until the end of the next Round.  Affected by the dodge attribute.

Krina Klaus’ ability can be stacked in multiplayer combat! That means if your Corps mate also happens to bring Krina Klaus to battle, the +10 Overall Ship Defense buff from both yours and your Corps mate’s Krina Klaus can be stacked on top of each other!

>>Damage Negation = Overall Ship Defense * 0.03/(Overall Ship Defense*0.03+1) Example: A fleet with an Overall Ship Defense rating of 10 reduces the damage of an enemy’s attack by 23%. 10*0.03/(10*0.03+1) = 0.3/1.3 = 0.23 = 23%.

Commander's Chance to Trigger AbilityEdit

Note: The initial chance is the chance to trigger their ability when the total number of the related stats is 0. As the related stats increase, the chance to trigger commander ability will increase too. Click on the link to see a list and explanation of all Commander's Chance to Trigger Abilities.

The table shows the chance based on 500, 1000, 1500 and 1800 related stats.

Name Type Initial Chance Dodge
500 1000 1200 1500 1800
Krina Klaus Legendary ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

divine :


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