Leo 1.1

Fleet formation and setup in leo 1. Player fleet in the center- everything else color coded to commanded fleet.

Leo 1 has the least ships and fleets of all the leos however it is one of the hardest to beat because you are limited to sending only 1 fleet. The simple sloution for this constellation is to have a 4+ Death from Above or Rex Scuta and Independence 3 ships with GForce's Dreadnaught X in the middle (they need to be armed). All the ships youre using need to have trial weapons or higher- Shooting star or Bloodspur prefered.

You need a good regen chip, decent sheild chip and a good Neg chip as well for leo1 (the other 2 are up to you- be carefull with max ballistics tho- it can cause too much reflect damage). All ships except the Intrepids have reflective plating. 5*+ Death from above or Rex Scuta is probly the best way to go- you need a lot of high lvl gems for a 4* to proc vs the Fearmongers fleets- if you cant prevent them from procing it is very difficult to win in the round time limit (30/31 rounds). Im sure some titan based Dcc can probly do leo 1 i just havnt tried.

A large amount of dodge on your dfa is required here(500+) otherwise you will take too much damage and will not be able to kill off the enemy fleets. I recomend setting to Min attack for target (if you have 200 some speed you can get an attack in on the back of one of the Prenicious Princes fleets and Kill the Intrepid Nexus stack preventing it from restoring a good chunck of the fleets sheilds). That should reduce that fleet to a 2 round Kill- instead of 3 (witch can happen if you dont do enough damage).

But once again- Total Stats must be above 1417 in order prevent Fearmongers from reducing your damage output by 50% (and if that happens its very hard to kill the fleets in less then 4-6 rounds- and you need to do 1-3 round kills on each fleet or you will round out).

Leo.L01 (10 fleets):

4x "Leo-1": Lv. 50 6* Pernicious Princes (total stats: 1447)

Setup: 2100 Intrepid Nexus-II + 8x 2100 New-E

4x "Leo-2": Lv. 50 7* Fearmongers (total stats: 1417)

Setup: 2100 Intrepid Nexus-II + 8x 2100 New-F

2x "Leo-4": Lv. 50 9* Enduring Chorus (total stats: 1457)

Setup: 2100 Intrepid Nexus-IV + 8x 2100 New-H

4* Dfa, 1455 stats, inde III with 2 ea, 4 Eos 2 sagan heat, shooting star x3 dodge 704. I do not DODGE anything. though my shiedls and such negate enough to take no damge from hits.. no losses.. closest target at min range.

takes 22 rounds. I proc on all bu the ED's.

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