About Levada - FormationEdit

The Levada Formation is a specific group of ships designed to be used together. The reason why there are two frigates is to ensure that even if a single type of armor resists one weapon, it will likely not resist the other.

The Tank is intended to block most of the incoming damage to the fleet.

Levada FormationEdit

Levada Formation


This formation requires 4 ship designs;


The tanks in front are to block most of the damage, because more attacks come from the front than any other direction. Of course, the tank in front will take the most damage, but it is far more capable for taking damage than either the Heat or Magnetic Ships.

The reason for there being a Heat ship in the very middle slot instead of a Magnetic one, is because Heat directional weapons generally do less damage then Magnetic directional weapons, and so would compensate a little for the loss of power.

Although there is about a 10% damage decrease if there is more than one ship in the back row (I tested it, it's true), I still chose to place three in the back row, because it would give increased defense to the formation, which I value over attack in most cases.

These will be updated as I research more technology (and I have plenty of it going), but the basic premise will remain the same until I receive information on a way to make it more effective.

If you have criticism, I would like to hear it, just make it constructive.

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