This page contains (an incomplete) list of the largest ever documented wars of the game.

This list is incomplete, please help expand this page by editing it.

Single planet battles This list is only for the largest battles that occurred in a single planet.

Battle/War Ship count Length (Date) Server Notes
Battle of Berw 341,401,234 unknown S06. Bootes Second largest in the game' history and the one of the most lopsided, with the attacking force deploying more ships than the whole Battle of Precious.
Battle of Precious 241,240,824 18 days (18 February 2012-7 March 2012) S03. Pegasus Largest in GO2 history until the battle of Berw.
Battle of T.B.T 179,867,571 Started on (Feb 2/2015- Feb 15/2015) S01. Ursa Major It's a quick war between IGGA and TSGF. IGGA got luck and won the battle because TSGF decided to use 2nd generation ship and not sending all out.
Battle of Juju 53,281,872 (post-11/29 maintenance) 24 days (13 November-7 December 2011) S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server) Two maintenances messed the count. This was the last major war to be affected by a maintenance until the Battle of Marycar.Longest war in the server, though record for longest war in GO2 history has been disputed (the war at Marycar broke the server record).
Battle of AAAAA 70,598,317 4 days (29 February-4 March 2012) S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server)
S09 Battle at AllSpark 66,307,709 7 days (10-17 November? 2011) S09. Hydra
Battle of FrEd56 56,041,998 3 days? (12-15? November 2011) S12. Taurus
Battle of GreatDuane 58,525,196 4 days (13-17 November 2011) S03. Pegasus
Battle of Maccie (S06 Merger Wars) 102,886,440 Unknown S06. Bootes
Battle of Marycar 62,707,881 (post-April 12 maintenance) 25 days and 22 hours (22 March 2012-17 April 2012) S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server)

Similar to the Battle of Juju, it also passed by two maintenances, one on March 27, another on April 12. The one being shown on the mails is the count after the April 12 maintenance.

Battle of LaEnana 68,419,883 Battle Report 6 days and 12 hours

2 - 9 June 2012

S12. Taurus Largest Battle in the post-merger S12 (merger between S12, S13, S14) beating the battle of FrEd56 (see above). Due to popular demand, the maintenance for the 6th birthday of IGG was postponed for S12 so the battle report would be complete.
Battle of SEige1

149,280,103 Battle Report

10 days

23 April - 3 May 2013

S12. Taurus Longest and largest battle in S12-14, 21-23 history. At time of writing, the 4th largest battle in GO2 US history.
Battle of cus 90,726,943 16 days and 14-17 hours (23 May-9 June 2012) S01. Ursa Major (Philippine server) Third longest war in the server and the largest published (could be larger if ship count before maintenance was included).
Battle at Buffalo's 118,547,188 4 days (22-26 April 2012) S01. Ursa Major Fourth largest battle (unimpeded) in the game history.
S01. The Battle of Lucifer 189,904,593 (probably marred by maintenance) 7 days (as of Nov. 16, 2012) S01. Ursa Major The largest battle in game history according to IGG.
Battle of Mylzvhinz 115,720,893 26 days S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server) Currently the longest in the server history and probably the game history.
battle of speedy 113,962,209 17 days S01. Grande ourse (French Server)

Merger WarsEdit

Cumulative totals from single battles (if they are part of a merger war) must be placed here. Only totals from major battles are counted.

More details are needed for the S15 merger wars for inclusion in this list.

Battle/War Ship count Server Notes
S18 Merger Wars 88,405,385 S18. Scorpio The offensive side won all battles except for the Battle of Xilspher
S01 PH Merger Wars 130,349,053 S01. Ursa Major (Philippine Server) One of the largest merger wars to date. Major wins both battles.
S09 Battle at AllSpark 66,307,709 S09. Hydra This is a merger war despite being a single planet battle.
S06 Merger Wars Around 300 million S06. Bootes Spread out from October 22 (declaration of war) until December 21, 2011 (last mentioned in a comment in the article).
S06 Bootes- Second Merger Wars 376,126,592 (2 major battles) S06. Bootes Probably ongoing

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