MVP Tool

The MVP Tool

The MVP tool is the one of the main "paying player benefits" in GO2, it costs MallPointsResourceIcon 120 though it can be obtained for free by selling items or watching adverts/doing surveys to get the required Mall Points, it adds the following boosts:

  • All Resource Production is increased by +20%
  • Ship Building Rate is increased by +20%
  • Construction speed is increased by +20%
  • Ship Building Repair Rate is increased by +20%
  • The number of times for Daily Draws [on the Lucky Wheel ] is increased by +2

These effects lasts for 168 Hours [that's 7 days in case you were reaching for your calculator].


  • Does not speed up build times for any space defense including the Space Station
  • Any builds started before using the MVP Tool will not recived speed


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