Nihelbet-III icon   New-K
Hull: Nihelbet-III
Type: Cruiser
Hull Type: Chrome
Shields: 1945+
Structure: 5205+
Defense: 10.5+
Attack: 6521-8823
Range: 5-8
Storage: 95
Movement: 11+
Agility: 14.1+
Transmission: 00:00:18
Ships: 1000
Extreme Counterattack icon Extreme Counterattack-III x 1
Daedalus Control System icon Daedalus Control System-III x 1
Powered Pulse Cannon icon Powered Pulse Cannon-III x ?
Quick Reaction Armor icon Quick Reaction Armor-III x 1
Eos Phase Shift Shield icon Eos Phase Shift Shield-III x 6
Energy Armor icon Energy Armor-III x 4
Reflective Plating icon Reflective Plating-III x 1
Destroyer Nuclear Rack icon Destroyer Nuclear Rack-III x 5
Doomsday Nuclear Launcher icon Doomsday Nuclear Launcher-III x 7

General InfoEdit

Strategy for defeatingEdit

  • The hull has Chrome armor, so explosive damage is most effective against it.

Equipment InfoEdit

This ship cannot yet be purchased, therefore only Weapon and Defense mods have been determined; Auxiliary mods and exact ship stats can only be theorized until a later date.

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