First and foremost, we should release one of the formulas of "Damage Reduction", which will enable you to better understand how "Overall Ship Defense" affect the defense of your fleets in battle.

Damage ReductionEdit

Damage Reduction = OSD*0.03/(OSD*0.03+1)

(OSD here means Overall Ship Defense)

Once you understand the formula we listed, you can simply use it and find out what percentage of the damage will be reduced when the fleets are under attack.

For example:

What percentage of the damage will be decreased if your fleet with 20 Overall Ship Defense in total?

Answer: 37.5% Damage Reduction = 20*0.03/(20*0.03+1) = 0.6/1.6 = 0.375 = 37.5%

What is Overall Ship Defense Exactly?Edit

Overall Ship Defense is a built-in ship attribute that negates incoming damage.

Overall Ship Defense FormulaEdit

Formula: {Overall Ship Defense x 0.03 / [(Overall Ship Defense x 0.03) +1]} For example: An enemy fleet with Overall Ship Defense rating of 10 will negate: (0.3 / 1.3) = 0,23 = 23%

How can we increase the Overall Ship Defense of our fleets?Edit

(a) Special ability of Commanders e.g. Rayllf who has a chance to increase ship defense by 5 per round. This effect lasts for 1 round.

(b) Modules e.g. Daedalus Control System: Overall Ship Defense +2

(c) Chips e.g. Daedalus Chips: Implant into a Commander to increase overall ship defense of each ship in this Commander's fleet by XXX

(d) Special Hulls  

Overall Ship Defense and Bionic ChipsEdit

With the use of Bionic Chips, fleets with Overall Ship Defense rating of 40 and above are a common sight. That means the best fleets in the galaxy can easily negate up to {(40 x 0.03) / [(40 x 0.03) + 1]} = (1.2 / 2.2) = 54.5% damage.

Against such fleets, only 45.5% of your original attack power is left to damage the enemy, and that’s even before the enemy’s other defensive modules kick in. If the Hand of Lelantos was leading the attack however, you can ensure your attack power retains much of its potency.



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