Skills: Last Stand
Accuracy icon 10 Speed icon 10
Dodge icon 10 Electron icon 10
Ballistic B icon Directional B icon Missile B icon Ship Based B icon
Planetary C icon Frigate C icon Cruiser C icon Battleship A icon
Corsairs gold 300

Penni has a sense of curiosity and a thirst for the unknown that has never been quenched. While exploring the galaxy, she has faced untold dangers but has never backed down from a challenge. Her ferocity and bravado have earned her a reputation as a wildcat. She believes in taking her foes down at any cost, sometimes sacrificing her own ship. During battle, she gladly trades hits with her opponents, dishing out up to triple damage at the expense of her own safety.


Last Stand
Has a chance to deal triple damage when attacking, but also inflicts 10% damage to the ship. Affected by the Accuracy attribute.

Commander's Chance to Trigger AbilityEdit

Note: The initial chance is the chance to trigger their ability when the total number of the related stats is 0. As the related stats increase, the chance to trigger commander ability will increase too. Click on the link to see a list and explanation of all Commander's Chance to Trigger Abilities.

The table shows the chance based on 500, 1000, 1500 and 1800 related stats.

Name Type Initial Chance Accuracy
500 1000 1200 1500 1800
Penni icon Penni Commander Card Red Super Super 10% 19% 51% 68.50% 101% 138.80%

Divine CommanderEdit

Victory Roar
Feral Raptors
Suicidal Sirens
This Commander can be combined with other commanders to form a Divine Commander. The Combined Commander becomes a Divine Commander with special abilities. The following is a list of Divine Commanders that can be created with this Commander:

Name Scroll Card Commander #1 Commander #2
Victory Roar Icon Victory Roar Victory Roar Scroll Commander Card Red Divine Penni icon Eveline icon
Feral Raptors Icon Feral Raptors Feral Raptors Scroll Commander Card Red Divine Penni icon Wayne icon
Suicidal Sirens Icon Suicidal Sirens Suicidal Sirens Scroll Commander Card Red Divine Penni icon Hellen icon

Related EventsEdit


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